This Is What Breaking Up With Him Will Be Like, Based On His Zodiac Sign



Break-ups are never fun and no one enjoys them, despite whatever brave face they’re presenting. Whether we’re doing the dumping or getting dumped, it hurts either way and we need time to chill out and mend our broken hearts. How we each react to a break-up varies from person to person and what our Zodiac sign contributes to our post break-up reactions. This is especially true the more connected we are to our particular sign as even our individual personalities differ from the standard of what to expect.

Some of us will drown our sorrows in ice cream while others will seemingly go on the rampage until they finally collapse. If you’re thinking of leaving your man and want to know what his reaction to the break-up will be, analyzing it through the lens of his Zodiac sign could give you considerable insight into what to expect when you pull the cord on the relationship. At least any grand gestures or hysterical meltdowns won’t catch you off guard if you know to look for them. To help simplify matters during this highly emotional time, here is a nice tidy list of how he might react to the break-up for your convenience. Might want to read it while he’s not around.

16. Fire Signs — The Most Passionate Breakup Ever

We’ll start our list off with the powerhouses of the Zodiac calendar — the all-consuming Fire signs. These signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Aries is cardinal, which means he comes first and begins the cycle, Leo is fixed and therefore steady and as reliable as fire can be. Lastly, Sagittarius is mutable which means he ends things and changes scenes easily. Cardinals are notable for beginning a season with a burst of energy — such as spring or summer — and for mutably closing out those seasons with a different level of energy — such as the smooth transition from summer to autumn or autumn to winter.

The fixed signs hold the energy of the season at its height steady and at full force, making sure that they create a nice lasting impression as they merge the elements and manage the changes from the beginning to the ending.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “This is the first element with strong masculine energy, and it easily neglects the feminine principles within, burning everything around a person and making all the Water in their body and life evaporate. A life without love isn’t worth living, and in order to make them happier, all fiery people have to respect their emotional side and acknowledge their emotional needs.”

15. Aries: This Breakup Will Leave Your Head Spinning

Aries reigns supreme from March 21 to April 19, bursting with all that spring energy that comes as such a relief after the harshness of winter. Represented by the ram, an Aries is known for being courageous, determined, impatient, moody, confident, enthusiastic, short-tempered, impulsive, optimistic, honest, aggressive and passionate. They are often caught swinging from one extreme to the other and dive headfirst into a new activity without fully closing the door on the last. When Aries gets dumped, they launch themselves into new levels of intensity — whether it’s work, social engagements, a new partner or a hobby.

It’s only after the initial shock and burn of the break-up that they begin to process what happened and to mourn the loss. As Go Mag puts it, “Once it’s over, it’s over. You will not blink before setting fire to all the memories of an ex. The few weeks after a breakup are the busiest weeks for you. You’ll pile things in your schedule and meet new people. You’ll say it’s because now, finally, you get to do these things and that the relationship was holding you back. But in reality, it’s because you can’t be alone and think of your ex.”

14. Leo: Bring Out The Drama, Baby

Sweeping in between July 23 and August 22, Leo is the height of summer and matches the endless heat with endless energy and enthusiasm — often exhausting for everyone around him. Represented by the lion, Leo is known for being creative, passionate, arrogant, stubborn, generous, warm-hearted, self-centered, cheerful, humorous, lazy and inflexible. Leo can be relied on for a good time but only if it’s done by their rules.

When Leo does the dumping, he’s usually fine — but when you dump Leo, he first goes into shock that you lost interest in him in the first place and then he goes a bit dramatic and crazy.

According to The Love Queen, “Male Leos tend to think too highly of themselves in terms of relationships. There are times they feel the need to prove that their partner is wrong and feels that the partner has to be the one to apologize first. When their beaus leave them they feel that eventually, these people will go back because they are just too important to the partner. They can at times throw hissy fits of frustration.” Oftentimes we leave Leo because of his ego and inability to compromise within the relationship, which Leo doesn’t understand at all until it’s too late.

13. Sagittarius: He May Not Go Away So Easily

Sagittarius comes into play between November 22 to December 21, right at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter when all the holidays are in full swing. Represented by the bow and arrow, Sagittarius is known for being generous, idealistic, promising more than he can deliver, great sense of humor, impatient and will say anything no matter how undiplomatic it may be — this will not always gain him favor with the in-laws. He tends to speak first and think later. If your man is a Sagittarius and you’ve managed to land him for a long-term relationship then you’re one of the lucky few who can boast of such a feat. Unfortunately, this means that he will crash hard after the break-up.

According to Allure, “When a Sagittarius is unexpectedly dumped, though, they sing a very different tune, making it their mission to reclaim their love. It may seem romantic, but in reality, these valiant efforts often have more to do with impulse than adoration: Sagittarians will stop at nothing to satisfy their passions, so whether their journey leads them down the Amazon River or to their ex’s door with boxes of roses, archers will only be satisfied once the goal is achieved.”

12. Water Signs — Their Emotions Flow Like H20

Water is the opposite of Fire and is easily consumed by the powerful blazing signs. Water is powerful in their own way, gradually carving out canyons and caves with patience and sheer force of will. Never underestimate a Water sign. They may seem highly emotional, flighty and prone to meltdowns, tantrums and mood swings but in the end, they get the job done and usually achieve whatever it was that they set out to achieve.

The Water signs are Cancer, who is cardinal and fierce despite their size; Scorpio, who is fixed and calm but deep; and Pisces, who is mutable and unpredictable.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “Typical representatives of the element of Air have often been said to be too emotional. They could deal with a lot of suffering before they realize that there is no such thing. Their sensitivity and fragile nature make them perfect for advisors and compassionate therapists, helping those with deep emotional problems.” Water also helps to balance out and nurture the Earth signs and can co-exist with the Air signs in a nice friendly way since both are powerful elements that can be consumed by Fire or beat Fire at its own game.

11. Cancer: This Crab Will Claw His Way Back To The Surface

Cancer rules as a supreme leader from June 21 to July 22 and is the most emotional of the Water signs. Cancer is represented by the crab and is known for being tenacious, highly imaginative, moody, pessimistic, loyal, emotional, suspicious, manipulative, sympathetic, persuasive and insecure. Prone to mood swings, this sign highly values family and traditions. Once you get to know a Cancer — a tricky thing to achieve — they become an intuitive loyal friend who will show up at your house with wine and chocolate after you’re dumped to comfort you and share your pain.

When you dump a Cancer, he’ll take it very hard as Cancers already struggle to build their relationships. He’ll likely break off all contact with you and retreat to the comfort of his family to heal. According to Bolde, “Cancers really do have deep feelings during certain stages of the breakup. However, unlike Pisces, who tend to make a theatrical display of their emotions, Cancers will bottle it up and only let it out in private. Outwardly, these Crabs will show a hard exterior and will act stoic, stubborn, and at times, aloof. Don’t be fooled, though. They do suffer — especially when the reality of the breakup sinks in.”

10. Scorpio: Like A Venomous Scorpion, He Might Sting You When You Threaten His Security

Arriving between October 23 and November 21, Scorpio is the calm deep waters of the Water signs and has unfathomable depths to his character. Scorpio is represented by the scorpion and known for being clever, brave, distrusting, jealous, passionate, stubborn, secretive, aggressive, and a true friend in times of need. Due to their amazing zealousness and loyalty, Scorpios make excellent leaders and this leadership quality can be highly attractive. It can also be destructive if it goes to their heads.

When everyone is coming to them for help, Scorpios needs to remember to set strict priorities and take care of themselves and their families before the rest of the world.

According to Allure, “The ability to regenerate and rise from the ashes requires symbolic death, but that doesn’t mean breakups are easy for Scorpios. In fact, they have an extremely difficult time letting go. Whether a Scorpio initiates or not, they always feel jilted after a breakup. It’s not about whether the relationship was healthy (they can fully acknowledge when a dynamic is longer working): Breakups trigger Scorpios’ signature control issues, sometimes causing these sensitive water signs to obsess over their broken partnerships.” He’ll likely cyberstalk you or scheme for revenge when dumped.

9. Pisces: He’ll Be Scaling The Walls On The Heels Of Heartbreak

Pisces swoops in between February 19 and March 20, right at the tail end of winter just before the huge burst of life and growth that signals spring. The undercurrent of energy and change flows strongly with Pisces and innocent bystanders are often swept away by this current. Represented by the fish, Pisces is known for being compassionate, artistic, fearful, overly trusting, intuitive, sad, gentle, wise, prone to escaping reality, musical and a tendency to be the victim or martyr. Once Pisces chooses to trust you, they have a hard time letting go and break-ups tend to be processed in a very overly dramatic manner for these signs. They just can’t help themselves in that regard.

According to Go Mag, Pisces comes to pieces after getting dumped. “Do not contact a Pisces post-breakup, ever. The amount of time that passes does not matter because Pisces don’t really experience time. A day and a year [are] the same to them. Just let them chill because they already believe they are in telepathic communication with you. Oh, that’s right. Pisces knows exactly what is going on with their exes lives, who they’re dating, and their career.” Just watch for signs of self-destruction from a distance and the break-up should heal just fine.

8. Earth Signs — These Breakups May Be The Most Unpredictable

Earth is all around us and at our core; we are all a little bit of Earth. Arguably not as essential to life as air or water, Earth is a formidable opponent to Fire’s path of unintentional destruction, a haven of retreat for Water and an anchor for flighty Air.

Everyone needs Earth and often takes him for granted until he finally calls it quits and vanishes in a cloud of dust — leaving the rest of us wondering what happened to our stable rock.

The Earth signs are Capricorn, who is the hardworking cardinal of the trio; Taurus, who is fixed and most deeply rooted in all the signs; and Virgo, who is mutable and capable of earthquakes.

According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “The biggest challenge Earth has to face is the recognition of something as fast, unstable and transparent as Air. Earthlings out of balance need to shake off their stiff habits, make changes to their life and their routine without regret, and stop questioning every decision they’ve already made. Their sense of purpose has to be clear and their contact with emotions strong and unshakeable, and this takes a special effort for someone like Virgo, taking Venus into fall.”

7. Capricorn: Watch Out For The Hooves On This Goat

Capricorn rules from December 22 to January 19 and matches forces with the harshness of winter. Represented by the goat, Capricorn is known for being responsible, disciplined, know-it-all, unforgiving, self-controlled, condescending, always expecting the worst and for making excellent managers. Often described as strict with a strong tendency to become workaholics, Capricorns are great at multitasking and managing busy schedules but often don’t take the time needed to recharge their batteries or work on the important relationships in their lives.

According to Bolde, “For Capricorns, breaking up is a major no-no. They want to see families stick together unless the person they’re dating is a [bad guy]. Goats may stubbornly pursue ways to talk things out, even if it’s somewhat fruitless in nature. However, if their partner decides to cheat [on] or [mistreat] them, Capricorns will cut them out in an instant. Because of their very down-to-earth, balanced outlook, they’re also the most likely to focus on finances and logistics during a breakup.” If you dump a Capricorn, he will be hurt but he will likely accept the new reality and move on without looking back. There’s no time to waste on dramatic attempts to get you back when there is work to be done.

6. Taurus: He Won’t Take Betrayal Lying Down

Born between April 20 and May 20, this sign rules the height of spring in all its fullness with strength, efficiency and sheer stubbornness. Represented by the bull, Taurus is known for being reliable, patient, stubborn, possessive, practical, devoted, uncompromising, responsible and stable. Tauruses are the most rooted and grounded of all the signs, which makes them the most stable and reliable as well as the most stubborn.

Many fights will occur when a bull has decided on something and remains unmoved.

According to Allure, “There is no room for compromise once a decision has been made. What’s more, hell hath no fury like a Taurus scorned. Loyalty is everything to a Taurus, so if Taurus’s lover proves to be unfaithful, the breakup won’t be fueled by obstinance alone — it will also be driven by rage. (Other signs be warned: When these celestial bulls see red, it’s best to get far, far out of their way.)” If you dump a Taurus, there will be no outward signs of distress or dramatic reactions, but your former man will be in crippling pain on the inside. Once a Taurus falls in love, they fall hard and love deeply for years.

5. Virgo: He Might Cling To Those You Love If He Can’t Love On You

Ruling from August 23 to September 22, Virgo closes out summer and greets autumn with a nice clean slate before quietly vanishing until next year. Represented by the virgin or the goddess, Virgo is known for being loyal, analytical, shy, kind, hardworking, overly self-critical and critical of others, practical, and prone to being a workaholic. The old saying of all work and no play fits this sign to a T. Virgos are very detail-oriented and hyper-organized which can lead to obsessive compulsiveness and frequent spats over where to put the salt shaker or the toothpaste.

According to Elite Daily, “Virgos go out of their way to be helpful to their exes during the relationship, both because it’s in their nature to make themselves useful, and because maybe on some level if they can make themselves indispensable. When that fails, the Virgo might adopt a habit of ‘helpful stalking,’ by offering their services to members of their exes family.” If you dump a Virgo, he’ll be shocked and then shoulder all the blame and responsibility for the relationship ending. And then he’ll try to convince you to keep him anyways. It will take some time but eventually, he’ll get it.

4. Air Signs — The Most Peaceful Breakup You’re Gonna Get

Air signs can be that gentle cooling breeze that eases all our aches and pains on a hot summer’s day or a powerful gale that destroys everything in its path without a care in the world. Air is essential to life and very often taken for granted until we choke on its absence and frantically search for it. Air balances out Earth and Water while fueling, teasing and taunting Fire, running the risk of being burned in the process.

Air best balances out Earth, who can be too focused on the material possessions of life to take time out to actually smell all the roses.

The Air signs are Libra, who is cardinal and beautiful; Aquarius, who is fixed and firm; and Gemini, who is mutable and ever-changing. According to Astrology Zodiac Signs, “Looking at the bigger picture, people born under the strong influence of these signs have a problem fitting into a regular order of their surroundings, no matter if it is their country or their workplace. Their main goal in life is often just to stop pleasing others and worrying about their opinions, so they can be able to follow their brightest and most liberating ideas.”

3. Libra: He Won’t Long For You For Too Long

Libra is triumphant. Sitting between the dates of September 23 to October 22, they rule during the height of autumn with impeccable fashion sense. Represented by the scales of balance, Libra is best known for being cooperative, diplomatic, indecisive, avoiding confrontation, gracious, fair-minded, prone to carrying grudges, social and self-pitying. Libras are highly social creatures who love to please people and chat with everyone they meet, often forgetting to take care of themselves and putting their needs first sometimes.

According to The Love Queen, “They see that a relationship is a social contract and that if it falls they get hurt and embarrassed. They want their partners to fall in love with them again if the other one is falling out of love. They have a good atmosphere around them and would turn the unfortunate breakup into the eyes of the public as something like ‘it was an opportunity for me to grow’. People born under the Scales want to find balance right away, so if [their] relationship does not get mended, they will move on and find another heart to love them.”

He’ll be heartbroken if you leave him but he will likely move on fairly quickly after he wastes a lot of time hoping to win you back somehow.

2. Aquarius: He’ll Never Let You See Him Sweat

Born between January 20 and February 18, Aquarius is fixed at the height of winter just after the rush of the holidays and before the changing seasons that lead to spring and warmth. Represented by the water bearer, Aquarius is known for being progressive, original, and avoiding emotional expression. He is independent, a humanitarian, temperamental, uncompromising, and aloof. Aquarius can either be shy and quiet or energetic and eccentric depending on their unique personalities.

They tend to be deep thinkers, thriving on stories from a young age and excellent problem-solvers.

According to Allure, “Whether or not they ask for a split, they approach separation from a highly intellectual perspective, closely analyzing the relationship’s successes and failures. They may even find academic studies that support their theories. This clinical approach to heartache may seem detached, but it’s how these heady air signs cope.” Aquarians are also sneaky when it comes to ending relationships; they just goad you into breaking up for them so they can sail onto new greener pastures without initiating any confrontations themselves. If you dump an Aquarius, his reaction will be to withdraw and overthink everything that happened. He’ll eventually form some conclusions and finally be able to let go after a while.

1. Gemini: He’ll Likely Drift Peacefully Out Of Your Life

Born between May 21 and June 20, Gemini is the ever-changing current of wind that rustles the tree leaves and steals our hats in fierce playful weather. Represented by the twins, Gemini is best known for being gentle, affectionate, nervous, curious, adaptable, inconsistent, indecisive and able to learn quickly and exchange new ideas at lightning speed. Gemini is very mental, often losing track of time as they dive into books, magazines, articles and anything remotely interesting to them. They don’t like to be alone or be in confined spaces (however metaphorical they may be), and they are excellent communicators.

According to Go Mag, “It’s true — a breakup makes a Gemini go deep into an emotional vortex first. It’s because you do not know how to handle emotions. The only way you know how to counterbalance the unbearable pain is to crack a bunch of jokes about yourself and your ex. Let yourself laugh. You need it. If you want to be friends with an ex eventually, it is possible. Gemini is a flexible sign that will learn from the past.” If you break up with a Gemini, he’ll ghost you for a while but the possibility of being friends down the road is always there, especially if you’re a Libra.

This Is What Breaking Up With Him Will Be Like, Based On His Zodiac Sign
This Is What Breaking Up With Him Will Be Like, Based On His Zodiac Sign

15 Reasons Why A Scorpio Is Guaranteed To Break Your Heart



Is there a more complicated sign on the Zodiac than the misunderstood Scorpio? There’s a reason their reputation precedes who they really are, but what happens if you find yourself in love with one? Is there anything more terrifying than being in love with someone who is bound to break you heart? Against your better judgment, you might find yourself entangled in a passionate affair with a sign that shatters more hearts than heals them. You could find yourself wondering why you’ve heard such unflattering things about who a Scorpio is; they’re beautiful, exhilarating, wild, what could go wrong? You’re destined for nothing but tragedy if a Scorpio has stolen your heart, but there’s a million ways they might tear it in two. Here are 15 reasons why a Scorpio is guaranteed to break your heart, and this article might just do it for them.

15. They’re Too Attractive

It’s not always the type of beauty that can be captured on camera. It’s the way they move, the way their lips pucker, the blush they get when they’re excited. It’s how their voice sounds in the evening when you’re in bed with them, or how they begin to glow after taking that first sip of coffee in the morning. It makes your heart ache how beautiful a Scorpio is, and the beauty only grows the more you begin to understand them – which is no easy task. If you’re fortunate enough to be with a Scorpio long enough to truly understand who they are, you’ll wake up every morning and feel your heart break, because they’re so attractive it’s difficult to believe. Unfortunately, for most, you’ll feel your heart crumble when a Scorpio walks away from you forever, because they’re one of the most challenging signs of the Zodiac to be with.

14. Their Secretive Heart Scares You

What are they keeping from you? Coming to terms with that you’ll never truly know everything about a Scorpio is frustrating if you’re in love with one. You’ll begin to notice how they carefully deflect specific questions, or avoid you at certain times in the day. You’ll ask, but you’ll soon realize it’s futile to bother. A Scorpio will never completely trust anyone, and there’s nothing they hate more than sharing their secrets with those they don’t trust. They’re often left with their truths entirely to themselves, and they like it that way. Unfortunately, that’s often incredibly unhealthy for a relationship, and it makes it impossible for you to trust them completely as well. It’s the beginning of a vicious cycle that spells doom for your heart. It scares you what you don’t know about them, but your relationship might just depend on if you’re more afraid of losing them.

13. Their Possessive Personality Is Worse

They love to play games, and they’re competitive about it too. Who has the most control over who? The rules are clear; your Scorpio lover owns you, you’re their possession, and if you try to get away, you lose. It might be the most terrifying part about them. They want all of you at all times, they don’t want you near anyone else. They want every second of your time, every ounce of your attention, and they want to know everything about you. They cut your friends out of your life, they alienate you from your family, they make themselves the number one priority in your life before you even realize what’s happening. There might not be anything worse than a Scorpio’s possessiveness, and it’s often what damages relationships beyond repair. If you try and shake lose from their grip, you might hurt them too much to ever heal what’s broken.

12. Their Dark Side Will Take Over

A Scorpio is full of hidden secrets, kept deep within their heart that they’re unwilling to reveal to even those they love the most. They don’t keep these parts of them locked up without a price, however. The very darkest parts of who they are will begin to emerge – the longer you’re with them, the more you’ll notice. You won’t think much of it at first; a quiet mood, an unexpected snap, long periods of solitude. What happens when it turns into jealous arguments, suspicious questioning, and distrustful tears? Eventually, a Scorpio’s dark side will take over a relationship. Their complicated hearts have often been damaged because they’re so misunderstood, but they’re not the type to be open about their pain. Instead, it comes out in ways that ultimately hurt you. Being with a Scorpio is difficult for many reasons, but this might be the most heartbreaking of them all.

11. They’re Aggressively Dominant

Utterly brave, passionate, and stubborn, you’ll find yourself consumed if you’re in love with a Scorpio. Even though they’re a water sign, they make you feel like their love is setting you on fire over and over again, and you can’t get enough of it. You’ll soon realize this is because they’re some of the most aggressively dominant people on the planet, and while it’s exhilarating at first, it won’t be long before it breaks your heart. It begins to feel like they’re trying to control you. Then, you start losing your sense of self, but you feel trapped in your relationship with them; they’ve ensnared you in the chains of their dominance, and it’s tricky to get untangled. It might make love in the bedroom the best it’s ever been for you, but every other facet of your life will be controlled by a Scorpio if you choose to be with one, and often that’s too much for most.

10. They Won’t Deal With Your BS

Yeah, they’re not going to put up with any sort of BS, so just quit while you’re ahead. If you try to say goodnight at 6pm because they’re not texting you back, they’ll answer with “sleep well”, and ignore you until tomorrow morning. If you try and make them jealous because they’re not giving you enough attention, they’ll beat you at your own game and have ten potential dates lined up in an hour. If you’re insecure and in a relationship with a Scorpio, you’re screwed. They won’t put up with lies, fibs, or excuses either, so be straight with them and make them a priority, otherwise they’ll make your life miserable. You have to look yourself in the mirror and really be aware of who you are and your flaws, because if you don’t, a Scorpio will point them out and exploit them until you have an identity crisis. They’re not putting up with anything that wastes their time, period.

9. They Don’t Know How To Lose

If you’ve ever won a fight in your life, that’ll come to a halt real quick. If you’re in love with a Scorpio, you’ll frequently find yourself tongue tied and confused about what point you were even trying to make. “Are you secretly a lawyer?” is something you might ask a Scorpio mid fight, because they’re so damn hard to bicker with. They twist your words around until you feel like you’re an idiot, even if you were right the entire time. Once a Scorpio believes they’re unequivocally right, you might as well agree with them, unless you want to spend all night sounding stupid because you can never win an argument. The truth is, it’s the Scorpio that can never lose, because they don’t know how to. They’re both headstrong and smart, which is a bad combination for anyone that disagrees with them. It might start out as good humored frustration, but one day you might snap, and it’s all because they don’t know how to lose.

8. You’ll Constantly Be Intimidated

Their beauty, confidence, and intelligence will never go away. Whenever you look at your Scorpio lover, you’ll always have that sensation that they’re too good for you. You know you’re lucky to be with them, and the problem is, they know it too. Scorpio’s have some of the biggest personalities of all the Zodiac, and that means constantly being intimidated by every facet of who they are. It isn’t always easy to feel comfortable in your Scorpio relationship, and unless you’re able to overcome the beast that is their personality, they’ll consume you until your heart is in tiny little pieces. Whether it’s how attractive they are, or how terrifying they are when they fly into a rage, you’ll feel yourself shrinking in their presence on a daily basis. For most, it’s too overwhelming, and you’ll feel your heart tear in two the day you realize a Scorpio is just too much for you.

7. They Don’t Care About What You Think

They dance to their own beat, and if you don’t like it, then you can leave. They’ll never change for anybody, and this is one of their most unique and beautiful qualities – but it isn’t good news for your heart. While others might be motivated by their loved ones feelings and thoughts, that isn’t a guarantee for a Scorpio. If you don’t like where they’re going in life, they won’t invite you along, because they’re fully aware that you can be replaced. They don’t doubt their ability to find love, because their unbridled confidence is almost deadly; they know there will be someone out there for them that accepts them as they are. If that isn’t you, they don’t really care. It can be frightening when a Scorpio changes, because the person you once knew and loved could be disappearing, and they don’t want to hear about how you’re unhappy about it. This is what often ends relationships with a Scorpio.

6. They’re Vindictive To A Fault

A Scorpio will never have a nice thing to say about an ex. You might not think much of it to begin with, but you’ll spy a trend before long. You’ll get into a fight, and they’ll try and hurt you instead of mending the situation. You’ll watch them destroy relationships with friends and family, and it might be warranted, but you’ll begin to wonder why they’re just so damn… vindictive. If they feel like you’ve wronged them, they won’t stop until they make it even. An eye for an eye is their motto, even if it’s not a very becoming quality. Often they end up making themselves the bad guy, and if you encourage them not to stoop to other people’s level, they might just turn around and bite back at you. It’s nearly impossible to understand a Scorpio unless you are one, and loving one might make you feel like you have a constant case of whiplash.

5. They’re Totally Mistrustful

You won’t notice it at first. They wait until you’re caught in their web. The “where are you?” texts will become more frequent. The “who are you with?” messages won’t just be innocent curiosity. They’ll bait you, trying to fish a lie out of thin air. A Scorpio is born mistrustful, and it’s a trait they’ll never shake. It helps if you’re open and honest from the start, but even the healthiest and most faithful relationships can’t save a Scorpio from themselves. It will drive you mental, because you won’t understand what you’ve done to warrant such behavior. It will consume your every day and night, because you can’t go anywhere without them interrogating you. You love them, you don’t want them to worry… but this is out of your control. Their inability to trust will ruin your relationship and break your heart. Building trust with a Scorpio will be as challenging as taking a trip to the moon.

4. They’ll Use You

How sure are you that a Scorpio is with you for the right reasons? Do they love you for you, or is their an ulterior motive? Don’t date a Scorpio, because they’ll break your heart in a million ways, and one million and one will be because they’ll use you. You might not be the only lover in their life, they might be using you to make someone else jealous. They’re talented at manipulation, but who they’re manipulating might be a question you’ll never discover the answer to. If you have something they want, they’ll be all over you, reaping the benefits of what loving you can give them. It’s toxic, but it’s who they are. The most unbearable part is you’ll never know if that’s why they’re with you. You’ll begin to learn who they are as a person, and it will make you wonder, were they using me? Have they ever used me? Will they?

3. Forgiving and Forgetting Is A Foreign Language To Them

If you make one mistake, it will be burnt into their brain forever. They don’t know how to forgive or forget; some days they’ll bring up your past indiscretions and yell and cry about it, and you’ll be left shocked because you thought it was ancient history. Nope, it’s never forgotten. Forgiven? Never, because they’ll watch you out of the corner of your eye consistently, waiting for you to screw up again so they can jump on you for it. Are they looking for faults in you? They might be, and while they’re not known for being insecure, that doesn’t mean their poor qualities don’t melt together to create their own uncertainties of you. You might feel like you’re always walking on glass if you’re in love with a Scorpio, because you could make the slightest wrong move and you’ll never hear the end of it. They make you regret your mistakes.

2. They’re Prone To Violence

One of a Scorpio’s most profound and dangerous flaws is their violent tendencies. Not all Scorpio’s are plagued with this curse to lash out physically, but how do you know if one is or not? It isn’t easy to know, because the chances are, your Scorpio partner wasn’t even aware they had it in themselves to do such a thing. It’s a trait that lingers in the shadow of their personality, often dormant until something extreme triggers it. Their dramatic jealousy issues don’t help them keep it together either, because it can easily send them into a frenzy. The bottom line is, it could be beyond risky to fall in love with a Scorpio, because in a blind rage, they won’t always have your best interests at heart. A fight with a Scorpio is unlike arguing with any other sign, and you have to be prepared for the type of person you’re in love with. What if they break more than your heart?

1. They’ll Never Want You Forever

On the surface, a Scorpio may tell you that they crave deep, emotional connections that will withstand the test of time. This isn’t entirely incorrect, but their words could be laden with lies. Venus rules both Scorpio’s and the house of secrets and affairs, which means the planetary influences that define a Scorpio will destroy a long term relationship. They’re easily tempted, and if they sense a spark stronger than the one you have, it won’t be long before they cheat on you. They crave fire, but with all relationships, that heat can fade over time. They’ll start looking for that sort of intense connection somewhere else as the years go on. It’s inevitable that they’ll break your heart, so why bother setting yourself up for failure? Your Scorpio partner might be able to look you in the eyes now and promise eternity, but that promise will lose its power as the long, tedious years of a lengthy commitment put a toll on their fickle hearts.

15 Reasons Why A Scorpio Is Guaranteed To Break Your Heart
15 Reasons Why A Scorpio Is Guaranteed To Break Your Heart

12 Harsh Realities You Have To Face When Dating A Gemini Guy



A true Gemini guy is a master wordsmith and will lure you in with all the promises under the sun. Once they have you in their sights, there’s not much chance of you getting away as his natural charm makes sure anyone will bend to his will.

Famous Gemini men include Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West, Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Kendrick Lamar. He will keep you excited and on your toes – but there is a downside…

Real grownup relationships can be a struggle for the Gemini guy as he lacks the maturity that comes so natural to others. When he’s at his best, you wouldn’t want to be with anyone else in the world. So long as you are willing to put up with the following bad habits, personality flaws, and harsh realities that all comes as part of the package – it’s worth it in the end.

12. They Can Be Two-Faced

You don’t have to be a keen astrologist to know that Gemini is the zodiac sign commonly associated with being “two-faced” or having a “split-personality.” Symbolized by the twins, they are a real Jekyll and Hyde type of character. When you are dating, if you feel he is being false and dishonest then you should address this.

This behavior usually comes from a place of insecurity. If you feed him plenty of compliments and comment on his achievements then over time he should change for the better.

11. They Need The Spotlight

Be prepared to let your Gemini guy take center stage at social occasions and have all the spotlight on him. The harsh reality of dating a Gemini is that their mantra might as well be “anything you can do I can do better.”

All strong relationships are about being equals, so do mention to him that you don’t always feel like taking a backseat. They are so familiar with being the star of the show that they might not even be aware of it.

10. They Love The Sound Of Their Own Voice

Alongside needing the spotlight, Gemini guys also like to talk – a lot. There is no sweeter sound for them other than the sound of their own voice. At first, they might seem quite endearing and engaging but sadly over time, your patience will wear quite thin.

Feeling as if you are not being listened to is a frustrating experience for anyone. Dealing with someone who doesn’t allow you your time to speak needs to be addressed directly. Be firm and just say: “I am just going to finish my thoughts…” or “I will need time to speak now…” and this could help put an end to the rambling.

9. They Are Childish

If you don’t enjoy childish behavior from adults then this might not be the relationship for you. Gemini guys are always a bit behind when it comes to maturity so don’t expect to be able to discuss mortgages, starting a future family or long-term deals. In their eyes, they are always going to be young at heart as he lives in his own dream world.

To help out your relationship, be sure to define exactly what you want him to change. For example: “I need to be in an adult relationship with proper commitments”. Getting a Gemini to change their ways is tough, but constantly putting up a man-child is harder.

8. They Need Spontaneity

Gemini guys need constant change. That is not to say they will be unfaithful, just you need to keep him on his toes. Throughout the relationship try not to stick to a “favorite restaurant” or a “date night Wednesday” as they will get bored quite quickly.

Exploring new locations, checking out a new bar that’s opened, or enjoying an evening at home cooking a brand new recipe will help him to fall head over heels in love with you. After all, when you are dating Gemini you are technically dated many different personalities all at once.

7. They Are Flighty

Naturally, Gemini guys get bored very easily so they are constantly taking off for a new adventure. They will never be far from their passport and always ready to jet off at a moments notice. This does, however, make them quite unreliable.

If he promised to be at your Aunt’s 50th birthday, then at the very last moment announces he’s traveling out of state – really don’t be surprised. Leaving whenever they feel like without considering others is all part of the Gemini package.

6. They Are Obsessive With Money

Gemini guys love excitement and nothing gets them more stimulated than money. They are the natural salesmen of the zodiac and will stop at nothing to close a deal. They walk into a party and don’t see acquaintances but instead – business targets.

So with all this extra cash, they are making, will they be spending it on you? Not quite. As much as they love making money, they love keeping it too. They are excellent savers to the point of being frugal but they do always splash out on the big events like a home or a long holiday.

5. They Find The Bedroom Boring

Gemini men are not fond of the bedroom – that is not to say they don’t enjoy making love…you just have to be adventurous as hell! They are up for it almost anywhere that’s not the traditional norm. Prepare for him to suggest a bathroom at a house party, in the car, outdoors, at the office when everyone has cleared out – danger just thrills him.

If you are looking for a traditionally average partner then this is not the guy for you.

4. They Need To Be With An Intellectual

All those who fall under the Air sign are intellectuals. Gemini guys are by far the smartest and most creative of the zodiac – so be prepared to either brush up on your brainpower or be outsmarted.

They enjoy a heated debate (or as we might call it – an argument) about almost everything and they don’t back down easily on their opinion. An evening indoors with a trivia board game or a day out at a history museum are ideal dates for Gemini.

3. They Don’t Have A Problem With Long Distance

If you are in a long distance relationship with a Gemini guy you may start asking questions like, “Is he thinking of me?” or “Is he worth waiting for?” You might feel quite anxious all the time, however, he will just be cool about the whole thing as Gemini’s don’t stress over the long distance. They love texting so a plus is you will always feel well connected.

A great way to keep him keen and interested is to always have something to look forward to together. Although you might not be with each other every day – make sure you have awesome plans for the future. This will keep him counting down the days for seeing you again.

2. They Need A Lot Of Space

Like the above, the one thing a Gemini man values more than anything else is his personal space. If you’re the kind of person who needs to constantly be at your boyfriend’s side then this might not be the one for you.

This is not to say that Gemini men are not committed, in fact completely the opposite as when they love it is with all their heart. However, if they have withdrawn to spend a weekend alone and you are constantly calling during his “me time” then it’s unlikely it will last.

1. They Are Most Compatible With Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius

A Gemini man needs a partner who is just as passionate and adventurous as he is. Their sign is ruled by air which causes them to have a fiery libido. Signs most suited to a Gemini man are Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius.

Satin sheets and fancy lingerie does very little for him, instead, he is turned on by words and racy conversations. These four signs have the confidence and the same drive for passion to keep up with him. Unfortunately, if you don’t fall under one of these signs – you might find his animalistic tendencies a little too much to handle.

12 Harsh Realities You Have To Face When Dating A Gemini Guy
12 Harsh Realities You Have To Face When Dating A Gemini Guy

Here’s Which Zodiac Signs Should Look For A Summer Romance Or Stick With Their Current Partners



So you’ve got a romantic partner in your life, but things aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. The summer is coming, and you know that means plenty of beach time, theme park trips and general vacationing where there will be literally thousands of other people you can be spending your time with, so what should you do? Should you let your current sweetheart go for a few months so you can party hard with a bunch of strangers you’re never really going to ever see again or should you stick it out, try to make things work in your relationship and hope that you still have a really great summer?

It can be a hard decision – most people really enjoy their freedom and you’re only young for so many years before you have to settle down and take everything so seriously. Why not have a good time? It’s completely understandable if you’re still struggling with the decision, so instead of wondering whether you should let go or hold onto your SO, take a look at what the stars are trying to tell you. They just might help you have the most amazing summer of your life! Here’s which zodiac signs should look for a few fun summer romances and which signs will be perfectly happy with their current lovers:

16. Air Signs Need To Feel Complete Freedom This Summer
Air signs are usually known for their amazing relationship and social skills, but this summer all bets are off! Even the nicest people can get tired of the same old people doing the same old things! This year, as soon as school lets out, Air signs need to feel the winds of change in their faces! With each new summer should come a new chance to do whatever they want!

For absolute freedom, Air signs need to sever all ties and start fresh.

If you’re an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra, you know it’s time to dump your partner and start looking for wild nights of fun! Even if you’re weighed down this summer by work or other responsibilities, it’s important to use your free time to discover what new relationships might be around the corner! Don’t worry about feeling tied down again, since you can get serious and look for a long-term partner around the end of August or the beginning of September. As for June, July and most of August, you’re free to go on a new date every single day, or even multiple dates each day! But no matter what you do, do NOT settle for just anyone this summer!

15. Aquarius, You’re Bored And You Know It – Consider Breaking Up With Your Soon-To-Be-Ex
You and your SO have been doing alright lately. There’s no serious drama, no one has had their feelings hurt and there haven’t been any issues arising from school, work or other people. On one hand, this might seem like the best part of any relationship, after all, it gets really tiring always having to deal with one event after the next, but at what point does “stable” become “boring?” We’re not saying a good relationship is one that is constantly overcoming the neverending onslaught of dramatic events – what we’re saying is if nothing seems to be exciting at all anymore, why are you still involved with your SO?

Life is only worth living when there are things to make us feel something. Feeling comfortable is great! Don’t get us wrong, it’s fine if you love hanging out in front of the TV or your gaming system, but when you’re with your partner, the urge to go skydiving, swimming in the biggest lake you can find, or taking a brief trip out of town can make all the difference. Your partner isn’t interested in these things, so it’s time to make a change. Dump your boring partner and find someone who wants to do all the crazy things you’re into – and then some!

14. You Need To End The Monotony, Gemini – Go On A Dating-Spree!
Seeing the same person day in and day out can be really nice for some – relaxing, even! It’s great knowing that the one person you want to see the most will always be there for you, but some people don’t really appreciate that. Some people, like you, Gemini, want to be with someone who makes you work for their affections.

You don’t want the other person to always be waiting to spend time with you, you want them to have their own thing going on sometimes too.

It can be a drag when your significant other doesn’t have anything to add to the conversation because when they’re not with you, they’re not doing anything at all. Break the monotony and find a new partner!

You know you need to be with a partner who always has something going on, who likes to take time to see you sometimes, but who is fully capable of being happy without you. It’s a bit early for the whole co-dependence thing and you’re interested in living life to the fullest! Dump your current partner and start the hunt for that special someone who is with you because want you, not because they need you.

13. Libra, If You Don’t Want To Break Up Then Don’t – But Make Sure You’re Having Fun
Sometimes you need to be a little bad to have some fun. Libra, you’re not sure if you’re ready to end things but you know you’re ready for something extra this summer. Talk to your partner and maybe take a little break. You’re planning on getting back together, so there’s no reason your split has to be permanent. You can do what you want all summer long and know that your partner will be there for you at the end of it all. It can serve as a great opportunity for your partner to live out a few summer romances of their own and at the end of it all, you can get back together and share all the experiences you had as individuals. In some cases, it can strengthen a relationship. Of course, you do run the risk of finding someone great so by the time summer is over, your little “fling” has turned into the real thing, but hey, at least it’s still a win for you, right? Don’t hesitate to do what’s right for your lifestyle. You know what you want and what you don’t – so do whatever it takes to ensure you have a great summer this year.

12. Water Signs Are A Mixed Bag
If you’re a Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio, you know you’re sometimes super emotional and a little too sensitive. This isn’t necessarily bad though, a lot of people appreciate you for your honesty and ability to support them. Even though you tend to be an all-around amazing person, there are still issues that arise that remain outside the realm of your control. You want to be happy and you want happiness for your partner too, but because you understand the ins and outs of relationships so well, sometimes you need to make difficult decisions.

For Water signs, sometimes it’s best to stay in a relationship, and sometimes you know you’ll both be significantly happier if you were to break up.

If you’re truly in love and you know you’ll never find anyone who could possibly be a better match, then stick together!

For those of you who know there’s something missing from your relationship, you have to do what you must and you break their heart. Of course, hurting your partner means you’ll be hurting yourself too because you know you’re responsible for their pain, but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. So which Water signs are going to be sticking around and which ones are going to be breaking hearts this summer?

11. You Know It’s Time To Find A New Love, Cancer
Cancer, you and your partner have been through ups and downs, but it’s time to realize you’re ready to get off this roller coaster to find something a little less dramatic. Do you need to find your true love this summer? Heck no! But a new relationship or two ought to help you figure out what you really desire in a relationship. Sometimes people need to shop around to get a good feel for what’s best for them. This is true whether you’re out house hunting, clothes shopping or looking for the person who will look best on your arm for all your summer plans.

It’s time to throw away the old and usher in the new! Your relationship has been a little “off” lately anyway. Yes, it’ll be hard to finally end things, but ultimately you and your soon-to-be ex will be able to enjoy more fulfilling lives without all the drama that exists between you two. Do the right thing for yourself and for your current SO. You’ve been putting it off long enough. You know it’s over, so do yourself a favor and dump ’em, grieve the relationship for a few minutes, then prepare yourself for a new summer fling!

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things (Or People) Pisces!
Okay, Pisces, your relationship hasn’t been the best these past few months but you’re too nice to say anything. It’s understandable, most people don’t like to make the first move when it comes to breaking up, but this summer is yours for the taking! There are a million people out there waiting for your affections, so why are you wasting your time with someone you know won’t be around much longer anyway? You don’t have to be mean about it, but it’s about time you break things off and start looking out for your next partner. Better yet, find a few partners and have a great time!

This summer is an opportunity for you to remake yourself.

Pisces, you know that your current relationship is slightly changing you and you’re so comfortable in it that you hardly noticed those changes yourself! If you keep going with your current partner, pretty soon you won’t be able to recognize yourself in the mirror! Break up and head over to your town’s hot spots. Meet a few people and rediscover who you are and who you want to be. Let yourself have some fun by letting loose and enjoying the company of a few amazing summer flings.

9. Stick Around Scorpio, Your Relationship Is Only Just Beginning To Blossom
Finding some summer fun may sound enticing, but Scorpio, your relationship is still in its youth! You need to stay with your partner for a while longer and really flush out the relationship. Things always start off a little rocky because you haven’t found that comfort zone yet, but don’t let your fears or embarrassment take away an opportunity to stay with one of the best partners, if not the very best partner, you’ll ever meet.

Don’t let everyone else’s summer flings blind you to the amazing relationship that’s still unfolding right before your eyes! Your current partner isn’t even thinking about looking for love elsewhere, in fact, they have no idea you were even considering it since there’s still so much to learn about each other! Do the right thing for the sake of your happiness and for the sake of your partner’s happiness as well – stick around and see where things go. Hit up a few of your favorite places and learn about your partner’s interests as well. You may be surprised to find that you have a lot more in common than you originally thought and your hobbies may mesh just as well as you two do.

8. Earth Signs Should Stick It Out
Earth signs are known for being – wait for it – grounded! Okay, as lame as that sounds, it’s true. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgos all ensure they’re making decisions based on facts, smart choices and educated guesses. None of these signs is going to enter into a romantic relationship for a little spur of the moment fun. The feelings Earth signs have for their partners is unshakable. They know what they want in a romantic partner and they’ve done their research and they’re happy with their SOs. Something as shallow as a summer romance isn’t going to shake these signs at all, but that’s not to say they’re being boring or snobby.

Earth signs are amazing people who put a lot of effort into their relationships.

If things aren’t going well, they do what it takes to make it work. If there’s a situation that’s out of their hands, however, they don’t make fools of themselves to force things to go their way. Earth signs take what life throws at them and they try to mold it into a learning opportunity. It is because they’re so steady and positive that these signs are willing to forgo a summer of flings and are open to spending the hottest months of the year with the one person they adore.

7. Be Careful Capricorn, You Want The Real Thing But Your Partner Might Be Looking For A Fling…
You know your partner inside and out, and you’ve always been happy to be with them. This summer, you’re not even thinking about a brief fling – but be warned Capricorn! Your partner might not be as content as you are! While you enjoy the fact that you two know everything about each other and have found a comfortable place to relax so you’re both happy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the temptation of exploring the unknown this summer has passed by your partner unnoticed.

A relationship can sometimes deteriorate without either party being aware of what’s happening, and if you’re not careful this summer, that’s exactly what’ll happen to you! Your partner seems happy to be with you and you know you’re really happy to be with them, but to ensure they don’t get bored, you need to do something really fun and out of the ordinary this summer. Take your partner to a theme park and ride the fastest, tallest, scariest roller coaster! Take a dip in the ocean and try not to think about any sharks that might be lurking nearby. Do something to make this summer memorable and to ensure your romance extends well beyond this summer.

6. Taurus, You’re In Too Deep To Stop Now
The great thing about a Tauruses is their reliable personality and their possessiveness. You know you’re in love and there’s no way you’re going to let your partner go this summer! You aren’t interested in something fake at the beach with someone you happened to have a conversation with. A Taurus doesn’t meet someone and immediately wonder what a romantic relationship might be like with them – a Taurus is always thinking of their partner and is always wondering how they can show their significant other how they feel.

You’re in luck this year, Taurus!

You already know you’re head over heels for your SO and you know there’s no way you’ll let them go without a fight, so take this summer as an opportunity to really show your feelings.

You may not be that verbal with your love for your partner, and that’s okay! This summer, try to create the perfect atmosphere for a great date. Do something you and your SO can enjoy and at the end of the night, take a step outside your comfort zone and tell them exactly how you feel. You don’t need to make a habit of this, but if you take the time to let your partner know, your summer is guaranteed to be amazing.

5. Stay Comfy In Your Relationship, Virgo
Virgos aren’t known for jumping from relationship to relationship, and for good reason! You’ve carefully chosen the partner of your dreams and since the moment you mustered up the courage to ask them out, you’ve been on cloud nine. There’s no way you’re going to throw it all away for some frivolous flirting this summer. Your partner is happy with you and you’re happy with them, so remember: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Your summer is going to be loads of fun just because you’re spending time with your special someone. Even if one of you has to take part of a family vacation or if work makes it hard to get together, you’re still looking forward to the nights you can have dinner with them, catch a movie and just enjoy each other’s company. There’s still plenty of time to take a quick trip to a nearby lake for some fishing, camping or hiking and you can always map out the best festivals to hit up as well. There’s nothing wrong with loving your relationship. In fact, it’s great that you’re in such a healthy one that mixes things up just enough to keep things interesting without becoming boring. Enjoy your relationship this summer, Virgo. You deserve it.

4. Fire Signs Are Going To Have A Super Sweet Summer
Passionate, dynamic, temperamental and adventurous – There are but a few of the many characteristics of a Fire sign! When it comes to relationships, other signs need to be careful or they’re definitely going to get burned! A Fire sign is quick to fall in love and with that comes a crazy sense of confidence and white-hot passion, making them one of the most desirable signs of the zodiac.

No one who has ever dated an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius has walked away from the relationship wishing there were more sparks.

In fact, many who dated Fire signs were able to burn brightly with them for a while, but eventually were snuffed out and left to figure out where everything went wrong.

If any sign is responsible for leaving a trail of hearts in their wake, it’s definitely the Fire signs – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they do it on purpose. Fire signs are quick to fall in love and are just as quick to get bored. They’re powerful signs that draw potential partners in like moths to a, well, to a flame! This isn’t to say that they can’t settle down, but for most Fire signs, summer romances are an annual tradition until they find the one person who keeps them consistently on their toes.

3. Aries, It’s Time To Challenge Yourself With A Few Fiery New Summer Fling
As with most Aries, you’re extremely popular and you’ve never really had to work to get the attention of the opposite gender. You’ve always just done your own thing and others have flocked to you. Well, this summer is a time for you to put yourself out there and make the first move! Drop your current partner and move on to greener pastures. Look for someone this summer, instead of just accepting whoever comes up to you, and see if you can find that special someone.

Take some time to consider what characteristics would make your perfect partner. Do you want a sweetheart who will go out of their way for you or do you want someone a little more stingy with their affections? Regardless of what kind of person you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to have a great summer getting to know people and learning what they’re all about. All the extra effort you put into the search will help pass time and help others understand you’re not so easy to please. Take the opportunity to make the most of your summer – you might even learn a thing or two about yourself, which can only help as you work to pin down the perfect partner.

2. Leo, You Know You’re Tired Of Your Current Bae Anyways, So Go Have Some Fun!
Summer is coming and your blood is starting to heat up. Lately your current significant other isn’t really all that great and you’re ready for some fresh summer fun. Come on, Leo, you know you’re tired of your partner anyway, so ditch them and prepare for the summer of your life! You’re a passionate person and you need someone to feel the heat as you go into overdrive and seek out the best vacation spots, the craziest thrills, and the most enticing romances. All you’ve got to do is sign up for some online dates or head out to a few great places you know you’ll be able to find a new fling at. You don’t really have to try either, just go have fun with some friends and make sure to talk up another group that has one or two persons of interest for you!

Do your own thing and don’t bother trying to pretend it’s going to be forever.

There are plenty of people who are also going to be looking for a brief romance, so take full advantage! Why not, right? You want it, they want it, so go full-speed ahead into what will become one of the best summers of your life!

1. You’re In Love, Sagittarius, So Stay With Your Partner
Okay, Sagittarius, this is going to sound crazy but your current partner is the one you’re really in love with. You’ve spent so much time having fun summer romances that you’re almost willing to break up just so you can keep the tradition going, but deep down you know you’re not ready to say goodbye. Your partner has been able to keep up with your crazy self and has hit you with just as much enthusiasm and passion as you’ve hit them with. You make such a great team that it just doesn’t make sense to throw it away and a big part of you doesn’t want to end things anyway.

This is one of the important times in your life where your decision will set you down a specific path. If you found love and choose to say goodbye to it now, then there’s no knowing whether you’ll ever be able to find a lasting love in the future. If you’re able to look the other way and stay away from temptation, you’re setting yourself up to be more reliable and, ultimately, happier in the future. If you stay with your current partner, you’ll finally learn why monogamy is so important to some people, and you’re going to grow as an individual and as a couple. Why toss it aside when you know you want to stay?

Here’s Which Zodiac Signs Should Look For A Summer Romance Or Stick With Their Current Partners
Here’s Which Zodiac Signs Should Look For A Summer Romance Or Stick With Their Current Partners

The Only Zodiac Sign We Need To Give A Second Chance To



Sometimes, you fall head over heels for a guy, only to realize later on that something isn’t quite right. The spark seems to be fading, you fight more often, you think that you might be going down different paths in life. Whatever the reason is, you’re bound to feel disappointed. Here was this guy who you thought was just amazing, and everything was going well…until, suddenly, it wasn’t, and you’re stuck wondering what to do. Do you hold on and try to work things out? Or do you call it quits and finally just go your separate ways? The answer is not always obvious, and it can feel like it’s impossible to make a decision.

It’s tough to figure out whether or not you should give someone a second chance. It’s always tempting, but what if you get your heart broken again? You don’t want to go through all of that pain once more. The good news is that your man’s zodiac sign can help you figure out whether or not it will be worth it. Seriously, the stars don’t lie when it comes to compatibility! Here is the one zodiac sign that you should give a second chance, based on astrology.

16. Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Good Chance You’ll End Up With Another Fire Sign

If you’re a fire sign, there’s a good chance that you could end up with another fire signs. When two flames come together, they could burn out…or they could burn brighter than ever if you’re willing to throw a little more fuel on the fire and give it a second try. Now, as far as giving a second chance to air signs or earth signs, you might be better off just walking away. But when it comes to water signs, another go around could be worth it. It all depends on their sign and yours.

As a fire sign, your first instinct is usually to walk away when things get bad.

You don’t want to settle for less than you deserve, right? But trust us, sometimes giving somebody a second chance is actually the better choice. You don’t want your pride to get in the way of a good relationship, right? And besides, no matter who you end up with in the end, you will experience some hard times through which you will have to stick together. It’s better to learn the importance of giving second chances now rather than later in life when the stakes get even higher.

15. Aries: Give Leo A Second Chance

Aries, we totally understand why you would be attracted to Leo in the first place. After all, you both have fiery personalities, you know, being fire signs and all, and you definitely need someone who can keep up with you! However, it’s also easy to see how you two could clash over time. You both have very strong personalities. The qualities that make you feel so attracted to each other could also cause you to fight. And when you do fight, it gets nasty. Aries and Leo fight dirty.

But the truth is that the love between you runs deep, and even if the fighting gets bad, you should give it another chance. Now, we’re not saying you should stay with someone who disrespects you, but just remember that Leo is not the only one at fault for the issues that you two are facing! It always takes two. So if you’re feeling dejected and wondering if you should just give it all up, don’t hang your head and lose all hope just yet. If you’re an Aries who was once happy with the Leo in your life, it doesn’t hurt to remember the good days and give it a second chance.

14. Leo: Give Pisces A Second Chance

Leo and Pisces together? We know it might sound like a shock. But every once in a while, these two signs will find each other and somehow come together in perfect harmony. It may be unexpected, but sometimes, these two signs make a great match.

However, if you’ve wondered if their many personality differences would result in some difficulties, you would definitely be right. They will absolutely run into obstacles simply because of the fact that they have such different outlooks on life. Leo may get frustrated with Pisces’ introverted nature, while Pisces may feel like Leo cares more about hanging out with their friends than he cares about the relationship. It’s not always easy to mend those differences.

But Leo, if you feel like you’re just about to give up on Pisces, take a second to think about all of the incredible qualities they bring to the table.

Their creativity, their imagination, all of the adorable dates they plan for the two of you, the fact that they have always been open and honest about their hopes for the future. Being with a Pisces is a true privilege because this sign is simply one of the sweetest around, so don’t take it lightly.

13. Sagittarius: Give Aries A Second Chance

Sagittarius and Aries definitely have a lot in common on the surface. And that’s part of what makes their relationship so difficult. These two are just naturally drawn to each other for so many reasons. They both love adventure, they can’t resist spending their savings on plane tickets, and they both want to see everything that the world has to offer. Simply put, it will always seem like a match made in heaven when these two first get together. But the truth is that it’s not always so easy.

Eventually, their similar personalities will actually start to clash, and then they will have to face their problems head-on. Sagittarius will want to go off and do their own thing, and Aries will let their stubborn attitude get in the way. It’s not easy to balance with these two.

But Sagittarius, if you’re thinking about leaving Aries behind in your past, just think twice. You might be ready to make a rash decision and simply throw it all away, but trust us, you may end up regretting that. Yes, you may get frustrated with that Aries attitude, but remember, no relationship is easy, and wouldn’t you rather have Aries by your side?

12. Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Hard To Believe They’ll Give A Second Chance To Anybody

Honestly, we know it’s hard to imagine an earth sign giving a second chance to ANY other sign. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn have very high standards. In fact, this is why they rarely date. They are not about to date someone unless that person is already as close to perfect as they can get, and if that’s the case, it makes sense that they would rarely go through break-ups! It’s because they’re already so picky about who they date that they rarely face issues with incompatibility.

Now, if you’ve ever dated an earth sign, you understand that they can be unforgiving at times.

They do not want to put up with any nonsense, so if you want to hold on to them, you had better already have your act together. But earth signs, remember that at some point in your life, someone had to give you a second chance at something too. Sometimes, it might be in your best interest to do the same for someone else, especially when it comes to relationships. So, who should you really be giving a second chance to? Read on and we’ll give you all the details about the sign you shouldn’t give up on.

11. Taurus: Give Scorpio A Second Chance

Okay, you might think this is the craziest zodiac match of all time. But the truth is that Scorpio and Taurus get together more often than you might imagine. Yes, it does sound out of character for both signs, but sometimes, they just feel that undeniable spark, and the romance blossoms from there. But there’s no question that despite those strong feelings of initial attraction, these two will encounter some difficulties. And you can probably already tell where their issues stem from: obviously, Scorpio is very emotional, while Taurus is very rational and grounded. On the surface, they seem like polar opposites.

So, why should they give each other a second chance? Why should Taurus see if Scorpio wants to give it another try? Because if these two can actually make it work, they can teach each other so much. Instead of fighting and disagreeing, with some more time together, they can learn to balance each other out. Scorpio can learn how to calm down and manage their stress and anxiety, while Taurus can learn how to lighten up and love a little deeper at the same time. It can truly be a beautiful relationship if they try one more time.

10. Virgo: Give Gemini A Second Chance

Another match that seems like it came out of nowhere! But the truth is that Virgos often find themselves super attracted to Geminis. Why? Well, it’s because Gemini represents something so different, and as they say, opposites attract! We’re here to tell you that’s the truth, especially when it comes to zodiac signs. And that’s why even rational, stable Virgos may find themselves falling for Geminis. Deep down, they know the relationship will be a challenge, but they just can’t help themselves. Even if they’re aware of the road ahead, the heart wants what the heart wants, right? You can’t exactly just turn off those feelings.

So when Virgo and Gemini inevitably start butting heads, letting go and trying to forget might not be the best idea.

Of course, it does feel tempting at that moment. But if you give it a little more time, you might be surprised at how quickly things could change for the better. You don’t want to give up on something too early, especially something that could be as incredible as the connection between a Virgo and a Gemini. So, just follow your heart and stick with it for a little while. It’s worth a try.

9. Capricorn: Give Cancer A Second Chance

Once again, you might be wondering how on earth Cancer and Capricorn get together in the first place. It’s because they both experience their emotions very deeply (Capricorn may try to hide this fact, but it’s the truth), and they can sense this about each other from the first time they meet. They feel a strange attraction, and they know that they need to get to know each other, despite their differences on the surface. Even if they feel like they are going against their better judgment, they will often dive in head first and go for it anyway. That’s just how these signs operate.

Naturally, the clear issue of Capricorn caring too much about work and Cancer caring too much about the relationship will come up at some point. It’s bound to happen, so it’s basically inevitable, and they will have to deal with it and somehow work things out. But we’re telling you two right now, giving it a second chance is worth it. Just like Virgo and Gemini, you have so much more to learn from each other than you know, but it’s going to take time for the relationship to grow and for you two to find your footing.

8. Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): They’ll Forgive Only If The Love Is There

Air signs are known to date around the zodiac. They won’t rule out dating any certain sign. Are they open to giving second chances? Well, it really depends. You’ll have better luck getting back together with a Libra than an Aquarius, but that does not mean all hope is lost! Not at all. If the love is still there, there is always an opportunity to get back together.

So, what are the big challenges that one might face if you want to get an air sign to give you a second chance? Well, the fact is that they are all quite stubborn when they want to be, so we have to warn you now that it will not be a walk in the park!

Air signs will demand the best out of anyone they date, with no exceptions, so don’t expect them to settle for less than their worth.

But here’s the thing: it’s not like these signs are looking for an excuse to walk away. They know what they want, and when they go after it, they’re not going to give up easily. They would rather keep trying than just throw in the towel, so maybe you can work it out.

7. Gemini: Give Aquarius A Second Chance

Gemini and Aquarius might be drawn together for a number of reasons: Gemini might fall in love with the independent side of Aquarius, while Aquarius might love the way that Gemini lives without caring what anyone else thinks. For a little while, it can seem like these two won’t face a single bump in the road. They have so much fun together that it seems like no problems could touch them, and they’re both pretty good at communicating, so they tend to talk things out right away rather than waiting until an issue is blowing up in their faces. They both know how to be mature in relationships. This is a huge perk. But it doesn’t mean that everything will be perfect. After all, no relationship is.

Where do these two run into problems? Well, Aquarius might feel a little insecure about Gemini’s wild social life compared to their more homebody lifestyle. But if this is the only thing coming between you two, definitely try to work it out. This is an issue that can easily be fixed with good communication, which you two should be experts at. You don’t have to abandon your relationship just because of this disagreement.

6. Libra: Give Capricorn A Second Chance

After seeing so many crazy matches on this list, Libra and Capricorn seem like a pair that really makes sense. They both care a little more about what other people think than some of the other zodiac signs do, and they also are equally hard workers. They’re both seeking more traditional lifestyles, and because of all this, they have the potential to be truly happy together. However, they will end up facing some of the same conflicts that plague Gemini and Aquarius couples. Libra will always want to be more social, to spend more time going out and hanging out with friends, while Capricorn would rather stay in after a long week at work.

This can cause a rift over time, with Libra feeling like they have to compromise aspects of their life in order to be with Capricorn.

But truthfully, Libra, you could really benefit from being with Capricorn. They will be the first to point out when you’re hanging out with people who you don’t like just for the sake of having something to do. We know you don’t enjoy being called out like that (honestly, who does?) but sometimes Capricorn will be the one to tell you what you need to hear.

5. Aquarius: Give Sagittarius A Second Chance

Aquarius and Sagittarius…their names sound good together, so the relationship must be great, right? In some ways, yes. But these two will face some serious challenges on their path to romance. While both signs love their independence and will feel attracted to each other because of this in the first place, it could also be their downfall if they’re not careful. They may end up spending a lot of time in a long distance relationship, initially thinking that this is fine because they both get to enjoy their freedom while still being in a relationship. However, over time this may take its toll because they will start to miss each other and wonder if it’s really worth it.

Aquarius, you need to remember that being in a healthy relationship is not the same as being totally co-dependent. In fact, these are very different things! If you find yourself wondering whether or not you should give Sagittarius a second chance, the answer is an absolute ‘yes’. You two could have a truly incredible romance that lasts for years if you are both willing to give it another try and allow yourselves to grow closer. Please don’t give it all up just yet!

4. Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): These Hopeless Romantics Are More Than Willing To Give Out Second Chances

If you’re dating a water sign and you’re hoping they’ll give you a second chance, you probably won’t have to pin your wishes on it for much longer. Water signs are more likely than signs born under any other element to be willing to give you a second chance! That’s because they are the hopeless romantics of the zodiac, and they are always on the lookout for “the one.” And yes, they’ve been planning their big white weddings since they were kids! Even the guys daydream about their weddings every once in a while! Being romantic is just in their nature.

However, water signs, we do have a warning for you: you can’t give out second chances to just anyone.

There are people out there who will definitely take advantage of your willingness to compromise and forgive. We know that it’s not fair, but we’re just being realistic about how the world works. You need to be aware of this when you decide who is worth your time or not. So, who should you actually give it another shot with? Don’t worry, because as usual, we’ve got your back. Just keep reading to find out which signs will be worth it.

3. Cancer: Give Taurus A Second Chance

Cancer, you might feel attracted to Taurus because you think that they will balance you out a bit. And it’s true! The two of you definitely have the potential to complement each other and work really well together. However, it’s true that you could also struggle to deal with your differences. Taurus will likely be unable to understand your more emotional side at first, and on the other end of things, you might fail to see why Taurus does not seem to experience the same daily highs and lows that you do. Can you come to a mutual understanding and save your relationship? We certainly think so. It’s definitely worth trying.

So, how on earth do you bridge this gap? Communication is key.

Sometimes it can be scary for BOTH of these signs to just voice their feelings out loud and be honest, but it is totally necessary for any successful relationship, no matter what your sign is! Therefore, you will just have to get used to talking it out, and while it will be difficult and scary at first, trust us when we tell you that you do not want to let this relationship slip out of your hands.

2. Scorpio: Give Libra A Second Chance

Ah, Scorpio and Libra, a tough match that is just as likely to fall head over heels as they are to fall into a routine of fighting and making up, over and over again. But the truth is that this couple actually can make it work. It’s not going to be easy, but if you give it your all, it will be worth it.

So, what could go wrong between Scorpio and Libra, and how can they fix it when it seems like their relationship is going south? Well, there are a few possibilities here. Scorpio may get frustrated with Libra’s constant worrying over what other people think, while on the other hand, Libra will become annoyed at the fact that Scorpio might easily blow up over an easily fixable mistake. It’s not easy to pull it back together, but if these signs can come to a mutual understanding, they will be amazed at how well things go. The truth is that they can’t stop their attraction, and trying to walk away will only leave them broken hearted. They have to set aside their small differences and figure out what their real priorities in the relationship are to move forward.

1. Pisces: Give Virgo A Second Chance

Pisces and Virgo may seem like an unlikely couple, but then again, they get together more often than you would expect! Why are they drawn to each other in the first place when they seem so different from the surface? Virgo feels inspired by the way Pisces goes after their passion for everything they’ve got, and Pisces loves that Virgo is a critical thinker. They both can stay up late having incredible conversations. But there is one little problem. Pisces prefers to live a very different lifestyle from Virgo. They are free spirits at heart, while Virgo likes things to be organized.

Eventually, they can drive each other up the wall because their day-to-day habits can be so different.

Is it worth giving it a second chance? Yes, not a doubt. These two signs can push each other to grow in ways they didn’t even know possible, and if they decide to try again and things do work out, they will always be grateful that they did not give up on each other. The bottom line? Don’t throw in the towel just yet, Pisces. This relationship just needs more time to blossom into all that it can be.

The Only Zodiac Sign We Need To Give A Second Chance To
The Only Zodiac Sign We Need To Give A Second Chance To

It’s Cancer Season: What Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Expecting (His And Hers)




It’s Cancer season, readers! Cancer men and women are naturally sensitive, but also have a hard time making a decision. They are social and charismatic, but also can be introverted and insecure at times, too. Expect to plunge into this type of heightened sensitivity and emotion from June 21 to July 22.

According to, “Cancer season is a homespun, heartfelt solar spell that will emphasize domestic bliss and family affairs…Cancer season can be a comforting time, but also a highly emotional one too. Ruled by the tide-pulling moon, which is forever going through a “phase,” Cancer is symbolized by the Crab. During Cancer season, you might rediscover your love for your creature comforts, sprucing up your home to make it more welcoming for guests (dinner party, anyone?) and cozier for you and anyone else you might share your space with. As quick-witted, chatty Gemini season draws to a close, Cancer season turns our attention away from the buzz of the local scene and reminds us that home is indeed where the heart is.”

So get comfy and cozy in your recently cleaned home and read up on what else this month as in store for

24Pisces Guy: More Adventures, More Happiness

The Pisces guy is one of the best around. He is naturally sensitive and caring about his significant other’s feelings. He wants the world for his special someone and will do virtually anything to make his/her dreams come to life. This Cancer season, that heightened emotion will lead to more happiness within our Pisces guy. He will take bigger leaps of faith than he typically would. This, in turn, will lead to incredible feelings of happiness. Cancer season will be your highest high, Pisces! Also, that happiness will spill over into work, just in time for some exciting news there, too.

23Pisces Girl: You’ll Feel All The Good Emot

That’s right, Pisces, you’ll feel all the ‘good’ emotions. We mean the happiness, the laughter, and the confidence that you haven’t felt for a bit. You’ve been feeling bad for a little while now for personal reasons. This Cancer season, though, the heightened emotion that is in the air will bring you a natural happiness. It will reinvigorate your soul to be more creative and more adventurous. Go on that hike. Wake up early and drive to the beach. You’ll feel a natural inclination to do it all– and you can! Remind yourself that you are capable and you’re halfway there. Enjoy!

22Taurus Guy: Extreme Emotion Forces Some R&R

Something is going on in your life that is causing a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress. Because Cancer season causes these emotions to be even more extreme, you’ll probably reach your breaking point this month, Taurus. That is okay, but remember to control your temper long enough to cool off and rationalize what you will do once that breaking point has passed. What you should do is really take some rest and relaxation for yourself. Take a day off and drive around with the windows down. Take five days off and drive to the beach to hang out and reflect. Whatever it is that you need to feel better, it is time to do it this month.

21Taurus Girl: Take A Break, You Need It

Similar to your male counterpart, something has been building and building in your life (or maybe many things) and you are finding that it is time to really take a break because you have reached your breaking point– and you have possibly broken it several times! This time you take that break, do it alone. Do not count family vacation as a break. Do not suggest that watching Netflix re-runs for one day while doing laundry and cleaning is enough to fix you– it isn’t. Really do what you need to take that REAL break, Taurus. That is what you need for Cancer season.

20Leo Guy: Issues At Work

Leo, you are very in control of a lot of things a lot of the time. You enjoy being in charge and getting any job done well and on time (if not early). However, this heightened month of sensitivity during Cancer season is going to bring you into issues and problems at work. You’ll argue with a co-worker on a project or a task and you will not see eye to eye. Remember to let this go when you walk out the door every day. Further, try to focus on really allowing yourself to hear others’ ideas and opinions while still believing in your own.

19Leo Girl: Trouble In Paradise

Gemini season saw you have some trouble in other areas, but for Cancer season, you’re still going to have a little difficulty finding some peace and happiness. Your relationship will struggle this month as that heightened sensitivity that you can’t seem to control will really take a turn for the worse. Try to focus on the good things about your relationship as that will create some hope and excitement for the coming months after this trial of turmoil is over. Further, try to understand that everyone is different. No one thinks like you and no one should. Sometimes it is better to agree to disagree.

18Sagittarius Guy: Lots Of Beach Time

For you, Sag guy, home is at the beach. Well, what we mean is, your comfort zone is where you can find adventure and be social. This Cancer season, really take time to be surrounded by those people that make you feel more like yourself. Further, feel free to continue your crazy antics and outlandish adventures that feed your soul. However, try to take a break from them, too. The moon is pulling the tides and allowing you to take a breather, so go ahead and do that! The adventures will be ready for you when you feel ready for them again.

17Sagittarius Girl: Surrounded By Love

This Cancer season, you’ll be focused on that emotion that is so heightened thanks to our emotional and sensitive Cancers. You’ll be full of happiness at home, renovating and working on some sort of project with your significant other. It will turn out really well, for your information, and you’ll feel like a new person within your relationship. It’s possible you’ll even take the next step in your relationship due to this natural happiness the two of you will be feeling. Change is coming and excitement will be at the forefront of your life for the next year or so!

16Virgo Guy: Surprise Love

Okay, so you’re starting to have feelings for someone, right? She is really special and maybe you didn’t expect it. That is understandable. She has been in your life for awhile now and things are naturally progressing. This Cancer season with your emotions in high gear, you might find that the combination of those emotions with the natural need for the comfort of home will catapult you into a routine with this special someone that makes you think twice about your feelings for her. She accepts you for you and fits into your life quite easily. You may start to fall for her in the coming weeks!

15Virgo Girl: Continue Your Nesting

Virgo girls are natural homebodies– and we mean that in no negative sense. You love the comfort of home, sipping tea in your bed, and working on something that feeds your soul in the quiet solace. You are responsible, too, so you aren’t one to go too crazy during a party or a social event anyway. This Cancer season you’ll find that the stars and the moon are asking you to nest in order to feed your soul and your heart. Continue to spend time at home fostering whatever creativity comes to mind. Do not force yourself to go to those summer parties if you’re not feeling up to it. It’s okay to be you and be alone sometimes.

14Scorpio Guy: A Calm Month With Fun Times

This heightened Cancer season really will not affect you too much, Scorpio. You are pretty in tune with your emotions already, thanks to being a water sign like our Cancers. You are used to dealing with your emotion, whether in a healthy way or not. This Cancer season will not bring you any drama, any new loves, or any lost loves. Work will continue the way it has been throughout the middle of the summer and you’ll cruise through your routine with a nice drink in your hand. Appreciate these memories you are making and do not get too wrapped up in the little things that bug you.

13Scorpio Girl: Hard Work Pays Off

This heightened emotion is something you are used to, like your male counterpart. The problem is you still have the hormonal side of emotions to deal with, so you will find yourself extra emotional about certain parts of your life that you may not be completely happy with. That’s okay, we can’t be perfect all the time. In fact, life is not perfect, and you know that. This Cancer month, you’ll find yourself really being happy focusing on work instead of the other unhappy things in your life. You’ll find that working on tasks and completing them will keep your head up through this trying time. Look to spend time at home fostering your happiness, too.

12Capricorn Guy: Turmoil In Your Relationship

A Capricorn guy is super easygoing and down to earth. He does not let the little things bother him and will not hold a grudge against anyone. That being said, he tends to stick to his circle of friends and does not step out of it too often. Further, when he falls in love, he tends to devote himself to that one person. This Cancer season, however, in light of all the heightened emotions, the Cap guy is going to have a difficult time keeping his head above water, let alone really smiling through it. Expect some turmoil in your relationship, as your significant other probably isn’t too happy this month, either.

11Capricorn Girl: Responsibility Out The Window

As a Cap girl, you are incredibly responsible, calm, and easygoing. You don’t like things to change your routine, which means you won’t jump out of your comfort zone too much in your lifetime. However, that is truly how we live, and you understand that there are times you need to take a step and a leap of faith. This Cancer season, you’ll feel free enough in your life to throw responsibility and routine out the window. This choice will come with some backlash, but it will be worth it for the emotions you feel and what you will learn.

10Libra Guy: Heightened Emotions Bring Some New Feelings To Light

There is something that has been bothering you, Libra. You may not have figured out what it is yet, as you are naturally friendly and upbeat. However, with that being said, you do feel like something is off. This heightened Cancer season that begs you to relax and foster up those feelings will do just that for you. Something will occur that allows you to figure out where those feelings are hiding and they will come to fruition. You don’t deal too well with these emotions because they simply don’t come around often, so take some time to yourself to figure it out and really handle it the right way. You’ll be glad you did.

9Libra Girl: Hard Times Ahead

The heightened sensitivity season of Cancer will not bring you too much happiness this month, Libra. That is because you do not do well with an overload of emotions and that is understandable. It can be overwhelming at times and you might continue to argue with people close to you that just aren’t seeing eye to eye. If you feel justified in your actions surrounding this issue, then you really should have no problem getting through this month with confidence. But if you know deep down you did something wrong, you have a hard time confessing to that. This confusion that you often find yourself in will mess with your emotions this month.

8Aquarius Guy: Retract Like A Crab

Aquarius people, men especially, are naturally reserved. They are not overtly outgoing or obnoxious. They won’t be that type of guy that is in your face at a bar or pushing you to do something you do not want to (like, say, have another glass of wine). Sound familiar? Well, this Cancer season, the Aquarius guy will continue to be mysterious in his introverted ways. He will take a lot of time for himself and stay in his comfort zone, like the moon and the stars are quietly asking him to do. Like the creature of Cancer, the Aquarius guy will retract like a crab and simply stay where he is comfortable this month.

7Aquarius Girl: Some Time To Yourself

The Aquarius girl is similar to her male counterpart in that she is reserved and mostly introverted at times. She can be naturally more outgoing, but her emotions have to reflect that positivity in order for it to shine through. If she is feeling down and out, she will tend to retract as well. This Cancer season, Aquarius, expect to take some time for yourself. Open that book you’ve been wanting to re-read. Watch that series you’ve been talking to your friends about. Nurture the parts of you that really need some R&R. Cancer season this year is all about being comfortable and doing what you know, so go ahead and stick to that.

6Aries Guy: Impulsive Buys Thanks To High Emotions

Aries men are naturally independent, can be very stubborn, and are a lot like the other fire signs. They tend to be financially stable despite their natural inclination to be impulsive. This impulsivity lives in their words and actions, too, but this Cancer season, Aries, you can expect to have things be pretty low key in that part of your life. However, these heightened emotions that Cancer season brings into our lives will push you to turn to spending money impulsively. Hopefully, it won’t be too much– and at least every other part of your impulsive and stubborn (yet independent and fiery!) life is calm.

5Aries Girl: Trying Times At Work And At Home

The Aries girl this Cancer season is looking at some difficult times ahead. Aries girls are impulsive, stubborn, and independent, like their male counterparts. Further, they can be much more blunt than the Aries man because they have unique opinions and an incredibly intelligent and quick-witted mind. This Cancer season will be difficult for you, Aries, because things are changing at work– and it isn’t for the better. The stress is growing at home, too, and you have a hard time dealing with the emotions coming with all of this negativity around you. Keep your head up and know the bad times do not last forever.

4Gemini Guy: Connect With Friends

Gemini people are naturally charismatic and social. There are times they want to stay at home and relax instead, but that is not typical for them; it is really few and far between. This Cancer season, it is time to get back to that social side of you, Gemini. You may feel like you never left it, but things have been slightly off, no? Try to reconnect with old friends that you’ve lost touch with or call up some buddies to have a poker night at your house. Refuel your social leader status and spend some quality time with people you want to be with.

3Gemini Girl: Party Hosting

Similar to your male counterpart, you will spend Cancer season really focusing on that social side of your personality. You need it more than ever going into the next few months as you’ll see big changes (some expected, some not expected). Throw a 4th of July party or have a small girls’ night on Friday after work. Ask your girlfriends to bring the food as you supply the drinks. Get down to the nitty-gritty of girl talk and just bond in the natural way that you do, Gemini. Doing it at home will even foster that comfort that our Cancer season is boasting this year.

2Cancer Guy: A New Love Brings You Comfort

Cancer season is your season! Your birthday is coming up soon and you’ll be feeling all sorts of cozy comfort. If you haven’t met someone already, you will meet someone soon that will really infatuate you. Shockingly enough, you won’t be indecisive and fickle with this one! Expect to spend lots of time with her wrapped up in bed or watching Netflix on the couch eating junk food. Yeah, she’s that type! You will fall quickly for her and spend virtually any extra time with her. Prepare to get close with this one; she will leave a footprint on your heart.

1Cancer Girl: A Much-Needed Break From Traveling

You are a sensitive creature of habit, but recently you have been making strides in stepping out of your comfort zone. Good for you! You’ve been doing some traveling and exploring new things, whether near or far. This Cancer season, though, look to take a break from all of this. Whether we like it or not, we all need a break from everything sometimes. Take this month to really enjoy yourself at home with a good book or lounging in the sun catching up on some sleep. You’ll be rested and invested in what will be coming at you during Leo season!

It’s Cancer Season: What Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Expecting (His And Hers)
It’s Cancer Season: What Each Zodiac Sign Should Be Expecting (His And Hers)

Here’s How Each Man Will Typically Break A Woman’s Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign



Everyone who has ever loved has experienced heartbreak. It’s a pain that literally makes your chest feel tight and some people even lose their appetites and get stuck in a negative mindset for months after someone breaks their hearts. Unfortunately, nothing can really prepare you for a serious breakup, but what you can do is a little research to help give you an edge when it comes to future relationships. When you’re first starting out and you get those butterflies in your stomach every time your crush is around, the last thing you’re thinking of is how your crush could one day break your heart.

The thing is, most people believe their relationships are going to last. There’s no room on all the lovey-dovey feelings for bad thoughts, so when the breakup comes, one person is usually very surprised. The bottom line is simple: the majority of romantic relationships wind up falling apart relatively quickly, so do yourself a favor and consider the top reasons guys break a girl’s heart, according to their zodiac sign. Of course, not all guys are going to break a girl’s heart the exact same way, but these are the typical reasons according to their signs:

20. Beware Of Earth Signs! They Can Be Ruthless

As grounded and professional as Earth signs can be, when it comes to relationships they can have some pretty high expectations. They want their partners to be on the same level they are, so when mistakes are made, sometimes they’re not as forgiving as they should be. Sometimes, they can be downright mean when it comes to breaking things off and can seem a little heartless. Of course, this isn’t a representation of all Earth signs, most are genuinely great guys. Unfortunately, some don’t know how to properly handle things and can make situations worse rather than make them better.

19. A Capricorn Might Break Up With You Via Text

If you think this is pretty messed up, you’d be right. Unfortunately, some Capricorn guys are better at having fun than they are at getting serious. When they think a relationship is dying down, they don’t like to admit it. Sometimes they’ll do whatever it takes to keep things going but most times they’ll just sort of slip out of your life unexpectedly. You’ll think everything is going great until you wake up one morning to a text from him saying it’s over. When you try to call for some clarification and closure, you’re sent straight to voicemail. It’ll hurt but at least you won’t continue wasting your time with him.

18. A Taurus May Take Silly Fights Too Far

A Taurus’ greatest strengths can sometimes be their greatest weaknesses. As a responsible sign, Taurus guys expect their girls to accept when they’ve done something wrong – but what happens when no one is at fault, or both are to blame? Silly fights that can start over something as small as “where should we go for dinner?” can escalate quickly around Taurus guys. Their stubborn side won’t let them back down once things get out of hand and a girl can only take so many arguments where their man stands his ground – even when he’s wrong. Be careful ladies, Taurus guys just might wear you down before breaking your heart.

17. BONUS SIGN: Taurus Men Might Ghost You

When things start to really go south in a relationship, a Taurus’ weaknesses really shine. Not all Taurus men are effective communicators. In fact, some of them are so bad at talking things out that instead of trying to make a relationship work, they ghost their ladies entirely. It isn’t something they do slowly, either. Sometimes a Taurus’ girl will send a text that never gets a response. She tries calling and is sent straight to voicemail. She’s no longer his friend on Facebook and no matter what she does, he’s refusing to speak to her or even see her. If that doesn’t break a girl’s heart, we don’t know what will.

16. Virgos Tend To Criticize Their Women

Virgo guys tend to get into relationships with serious intentions. They care about their partner but they also care about appearances. Everything has to look perfect, even if it isn’t, so if a Virgo’s lady isn’t dressed up enough or doesn’t respond properly during social situations, he’s very likely to criticize her in private. He isn’t trying to make her feel bad, he’s just trying to get her on the same page he is. He just wants people to think their relationship is great. The sad part is Virgo guys don’t even realize that they’re hurting their girls until it’s too late.

15. When It Comes To Dating, Water Signs Might Get Too Emotional

Water signs are such a mixed bag that their strengths and weaknesses tend to balance them out. Unfortunately, sometimes the balance is tilted off-center, leaving one weakness exposed. Relationships are strange for water signs because it really does take special women who can handle these signs. There are a lot of high-tension emotions that live very near the surface and there’s also maturity levels to take into account. If a Water sign hasn’t had enough experience dating, he’s more likely to lash out without understanding why it’s not okay. Of course, not all Water signs behave this way, but they should still be dated with caution.

14. Cancer Guys Usually Aren’t Ready To Take The Next Step

When it comes to opening up emotionally in a relationship, Cancer guys take it extremely slowly. This tends to create a lot of friction in a relationship and even if he doesn’t mean to, his hesitation makes his girlfriend believe she isn’t good enough for him to relax and open up. His actions, or lack thereof, are responsible for her broken heart and it’s only made worse when she tries to mend things. While it’s entirely accidental, Cancer men are self-sabotaging because they’re so afraid to open up and get hurt that they wind up hurting their ladies instead. This isn’t true for all Cancer guys, but it’s certainly something to be wary of.

13. BONUS SIGN: Some Cancer Guys Can Be Too Insecure And Might Break Things Off Early

Cancer men know they’re flawed. They know they have issues that make loving them a little difficult, and they stress about these things all the time. What makes things worse is when a Cancer guy thinks his girl is starting to pull away. He freaks out and would rather break up with her than try to make things work. It’s just easier to bypass the hard part and just break things off before his lady does first. He doesn’t even consider trying to talk things out or admit he’s feeling a little insecure, and that’s what ends up ruining his relationships and breaking women’s hearts.

12. Too Much Drama Can Make A Pisces Man Run

The words “too much” are pretty ambiguous. What a Pisces guy considers “too much” might be nothing to a Gemini, but that doesn’t matter. If things don’t go perfectly in their relationships, a Pisces’ first reaction is to consider bailing. Some Pisces guys think it’s better to run than it is to tell his lady that she needs to calm down. Worse, if he’s the one responsible for the drama, he doesn’t see it and still expects his girl to accept the blame. No one can handle that kind of relationship for long, so of course, a girl will leave the relationship heart-broken!

11. A Scorpio Lets His Jealousy Get In The Way

Jealousy is an ugly emotion. It’s what makes people lose control. Scorpios already struggle with jealousy in normal relationships – they get jealous when their parents pay more attention to a sibling, when a teacher calls on another student, or when their pet prefers to sit in someone else’s lap. As silly as it sounds, sometimes Scorpio guys really let jealousy overtake their lives. In relationships, they expect their partners to always look at them and never give them a reason to doubt the strength of the relationship. The minute a Scorpio guy’s partner even just appears to be flirting with someone else, the relationship is over.

10. Fire Signs Can Be Easily Swayed

When passions run hot, nothing can compare to a Fire sign’s reactions! It doesn’t take a whole lot for a Fire sign guy to get bored, feel angry, switch through a series of emotions or believe the simplest answer instead of the truth. Because of their intense natures, some Fire signs can go a little overboard and hurt their women. Sometimes they do it on purpose because they want her to hurt as much as he does, but more often than not, it’s the result of speaking without thinking and not being completely honest with how they feel. The best way to handle a fire sign guy is to humble him every now and then.

9. An Aries Guy Needs More Of A Challenge Out Of His Relationships

Are you always giving in to your Aries guy’s needs? Does he always get to decide where to go for lunch, what movies to watch and which friends you hang out with? If so, then your relationship is headed straight to heartbreak city. He’s not interested in a relationship that’s basically him doing whatever he wants and his lady happily trails behind him – he wants a challenge! If he wants Mexican for dinner but you want Chinese, tell him! If you’re just sitting around doing nothing, tell him you’re heading out to have some fun. If you don’t challenge him, he’s going to break your heart and go out to find someone who will.

8. Sometimes, There’s Someone Else In A Leo’s Life

Unlike the Aries, some Leos prefer women who give in to his needs all the time. He isn’t looking for a challenging relationship, he’s looking to challenge himself by experimenting. He wants to know how many women he can be romantic with before any of them discover each other. It’s like a game and it’s going to break your heart. If you’re dating a Leo guy, pay extra attention to what he says and does. Not all Leos are like this, but those who are tend to have a few obvious give-aways. The question is whether you’re willing to see them.

7. BONUS SIGN: Not All Leo Guys Will Prioritize You

While some Leo men are interested in dating several women at once, some falter in relationships because they aren’t willing to give their women the time they deserve. He doesn’t prioritize time for dates, cuddling, or just hanging out. He wants to do his own thing and assumes you do too – but he doesn’t really stop to ask you. Any girl’s heart would break if she felt her man wasn’t giving her any attention. It gets lonely sitting around hoping he’ll call or send a goodnight text message. If you’re dating a Leo guy, make sure he knows you want to be a priority in his life before it’s too late!

6. Sagittarius Men Get Bored Easily

You’re not a clown. You don’t need to perform for your man to ensure he’s not going to get bored of you! But here’s the thing – Some Sagittarius men get bored with stale or stagnant relationships. They want to be with someone fun and adventurous. If you’re neither of those things, then he might decide to end the relationship and he likely won’t be very nice about it. Sagittarius men need some kind of stimulation and if he’s not getting it with your relationship, then he’s probably going to break your heart and make it sound like it’s all your fault to boot!

5. Air Signs Tend To Over-Analyze Things

The best way to hurt yourself is to over-analyze things. When you take too much time overthinking something, you miss the obvious. This isn’t something Air signs do on purpose, it’s just one of their inherent weaknesses. When an Aquarius, Gemini or Libra get into a relationship, their initial joy is immediately overtaken by all the “what-ifs” that can occur. What if she gets bored? What if I’m not good enough? What if she’s not as great as I thought she was? What if, what if, what if? This mental behavior is unhealthy and it ultimately leads Air signs to hurt the women they’re dating, whether they intend to or not.

4. An Aquarius Might Be Too Flighty

When it comes to dating, an Aquarius guy can get a little crazy sometimes. He’s interested in so many things that he’s often pulled from one thing to the next, and that applies to relationships as well. It can be hard to get an Aquarius to fully commit, and even if you manage it, there’s always a chance he’s going to just flutter away, like a wayward butterfly. This isn’t any fault of yours, this is an Aquarius guy’s greatest weakness. If he loves you, he’ll stay, but even if he loves you, he may love someone else too and flutter off. It isn’t right, it isn’t fair, and it’s going to break your heart.

3. BONUS SIGN: You Might Catch Your Aquarius Man On Dates With Other Women

Aquarius guys like to have fun. This should come as no surprise since they’re always only too happy to flit from one thing to the next, but if you’re dating an Aquarius guy, odds are he’s doing a lot more than you think. Just take a night out on the town with your squad and you’re almost guaranteed to catch him on a few secret dates. Not every Aquarius guy is like this, in fact, some aren’t on romantic dates at all! They’re really just hanging out one-on-one with a friend who happens to be a girl. While this behavior isn’t meant to hurt you, it’s still going to break your heart when you see it.

2. Libras Sometimes Purposely Make It Hard To Love Them

So you love your Libra man. He’s so great in so many ways and you two hit it off perfectly! You decided to take things to the next level and now you’re dating, but sometimes it’s just so hard to love him! Why is this? Well, it’s because he’s overthinking the relationship and self-sabotaging. Every tiny ounce of weakness in the relationship is blown out of proportion in his mind and he doesn’t know how to handle it, so he freaks out, starts arguments, points fingers and generally ruins the great relationship you thought you had. He might break your heart, and the sad part is it’s entirely unintentional.

1. Gemini Men Could Have Too Many Secrets

It’s hard to open up to someone, even if you’re romantically involved with them. Some secrets are just too scary, too painful or just overall too much to speak of, so guys like Gemini men prefer to keep them to themselves. This lack of openness in a relationship can easily transition into a situation where he doesn’t really trust you with anything. A relationship without trust doesn’t last very long, so in order to preserve his deepest, darkest secrets, he basically tells you to butt out of his life and to stop pestering him with so many personal questions. He’ll hurt you this way, even if he doesn’t mean to, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Here’s How Each Man Will Typically Break A Woman’s Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign
Here’s How Each Man Will Typically Break A Woman’s Heart, Based On His Zodiac Sign

I’m The Girl Who Will Build You Up Just To Watch You Leave



I’m not the girl you date.

I’m not the girl you’ll fall head over heels for.

I’m not the girl that will keep you up at night wondering about me.

I’m the girl who will pick up the pieces when someone else hurts you.

I’m the girl who will build you up so much it’ll make your head big.

And I’m not telling lies I’m simply telling you this is how I see you.


I’m the girl who will answer every text shamefully fast.

I’m the girl who will say I love you and not need to hear it back.

I’m the girl who will break pieces of her own heart just to keep yours whole.

The one who can function while broken.

I’m the girl who will watch you use me but not be fazed by it.
The one who can read you and knows every move you are making and why.

But I go along with the game.

I’m the girl you’ll text when you’re drunk and you’re alone and you need attention.
But I’m not the girl you go home with.

I’m the girl you can turn to for advice even if it kills me to hear you talk about someone else.

I’m the girl who will always help you even if it’s causing me pain.

I’ll never admit it.

I’ll never call you out on it.

Because I’m choosing to be this girl.

I’m the girl who responds when you say jump, I’ll always ask how high?

I’m the girl who will make all the effort without needing it reciprocated.

I’m the girl who gets the scraps of what you choose to give and I’m just content with anything at all.

I’m the girl who has mastered the art of saying I’m happy for you. Even though I wish it were me.

I’m the girl who will always wear her heart on her sleeve giving my best to those who might not deserve it, appreciate it or value it.

I’m the girl who will feel the pain with you and never let you feel alone.

Even though there are times you make me feel lonely.

The one who is always trying even when you don’t.


I’m the girl who will hurt when you leave but smile as you go.

I’m the girl you know will always be there so you don’t have to try and keep me.

I’m the girl you can hurt and know you’ll still get a second chance.

I’m the girl who is brutally honest and blunt.

I’m the girl who will love you for the rest of time.


The one who holds on tight to people in her past hoping maybe they return.

Even though clinging to the past kills me.

But I’m also the girl who changes you.

The one you know would be good for you but you don’t choose me.

The one who robs you of sleep only after the fact.

The one who makes you hate your reflection for breaking the heart of someone who loved you.

I’m the one that haunts you like a catchy tune you don’t like but it lingers.

The one who is always there even when you’re the one to leave.

The one who touches your heart so gently it leaves a mark you can’t get rid of.

I’m The Girl Who Will Build You Up Just To Watch You Leave
I’m The Girl Who Will Build You Up Just To Watch You Leave

11 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You (Even If He’s Not Saying So Out Loud)



If he’s doing these things, you’re major in his life.

Most men tend to be a bit gun-shy when it comes to saying that they care about a girl, and yes, the ladies tend to find that to be an incredibly annoying trait. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to get a guy who is already dating us to come out of his shell too much more, except for being patient and understanding he actually cares about you.

The problem with this, of course, is that most girls tend to overlook the small signs that a guy cares about them. Wondering where you stand with him? Don’t. Here’s how to tell if a guy likes you and that you’re a really big deal to him.


1. He talks to you a ton about things in his life.

Guys don’t talk to people they don’t care about. Actually, people generally don’t talk to people they don’t care about. If he regularly reaches out to you, you definitely mean something to him.


2. He asks for your opinion on things and actually listens to you.

Men who hold a girl in high esteem will often ask opinions on everything and will actually remember what you say. This is actually a really good way to know how to tell if a guy likes you and has a crush on you. Guys who are really head over heels for a girl will wear things girls compliment or will learn more about her likes just so he can get the things she enjoys.


3. You can’t help but notice him trying to look good for you.

When you mean a lot to a guy, he will try to impress you, or at the very least look good around you. If you notice him quickly checking himself in a mirror before he speaks to you, you probably mean something to him.


4. He tries to make you laugh.

Studies have shown that men who are into a girl will try to make her laugh as a way of displaying interest. The more he jokes around with you, the more likely it is that you’re the girl he wants to hold close.


5. If you need him, you know he’ll be right there for you.

Most men, whether they will admit it or not, want to be a woman’s hero. If they see you in distress, and you mean a lot to them, guys will do whatever they can to make things better.


6. He makes a point of spending quality time with you.

If you matter to a guy, he will not try to skip out on quality time. Rather, he will choose to go stargazing with you, go to concerts with you, or even just come up with a really nice meal for you. Netflix and chill? It probably won’t be as popular with him once he realizes you’re important to him.

7. You often find him giving you “the look.”

You know that one look that guys give when they are totally captivated by you? That look. If he gives you that look, then chances are you mean a lot more to him than you’d think.

8. He gives you gifts.

I truly do believe that you can measure how much a man likes you by how often he gives you small presents. If he regularly gets you stuff, chances are that you mean a lot to him.

9. You often find him trying to introduce you to his friends and family.

This is a sign that he wants to get serious with you if you two are seeing each other in a romantic way. If not, then it’s a sign that he wants you to be a permanent fixture in his life, regardless. Either way, it’s a good look.


10. He tells you, “I care about you.”

This is not something that guys typically say, especially when it’s said unprovoked or in a soft way. Assuming he isn’t some silver-tongued snake, chances are very high that he means it when he says it.


11.  You know you’re his priority.

Guys don’t just drop everything they’re doing for girls they don’t care about. They only prioritize women that are important to them. If he makes you a priority, he cares about you. It’s just that simple.

11 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You (Even If He’s Not Saying So Out Loud)
11 Ways To Tell If A Guy Likes You (Even If He’s Not Saying So Out Loud)

This Is How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign




Cancer: June 21-July 22:

Lack mental stability:

According to FBI, this is the most dangerous of all the signs, committing crimes of passion, leaving distinguishing marks on their victim’s body. They get arrested the most for committing crimes repeatedly because of their lack of mental stability.

Taurus: April 20-May 20:

Extremely temperamental:

The stubborn bull holds the 2nd place. When gone astray, they become fierce dictators of the world. Natural leaders they are, they can become hell-bent on dominating the world and nothing can come in their way.


Sagittarius: Nov 23-Dec 22:

Extremely harsh, great thieves, can escape from prison:

They don’t shed blood until and unless their lives are in danger but can be extremely harsh. They are known for being excellent thieves and belong to the list of notorious criminals who escaped from prison.


Aries: March 21-April 19:

Hates to be dominated, go for illegal careers like hired gunmen:

The stubborn Aries hates to get dominated and if one tries to do so, they bounce back. Chances are they will seek illegal careers like work as hired gunmen to avoid the rat race and achieve success in life.


Capricorn: Dec 23- Jan 20:

All-rounder criminal but careless:

The Capricorn is well-equipped to commit crimes from any range, be it a petty pick-pocketing or a serious act of murdering someone. Their disadvantage is that they are careless and can get easily caught.

Virgo: Aug 24-Sept 23:

Specializes in stealing leaving no hint:

The perfectionist Virgo is a specialist in stealing. They know their job well and do it with such neatness that it’s difficult in finding a trace of their crime. Hacking, burglary are the crimes they commit.


Libra: Sept 24-Oct 23:

Get involved in monetary crimes or ones related to drugs:

The one with the symbol of scales can commit crimes too but they don’t break the law easily. They are more interested in money and get involved in crimes related to monetary gains like bank robbery. Drugs is their another field of interest. They avoid doing it individually and are usually seen working within an organization to get things done.


Pisces: Feb 19-Mar 20:

Hot-tempered, serial-killers, abuse their own body:

The dreamy fish is likely to lose their cool. Pisces tends to be hot-tempered and if not attended, can become serial-killers. They are also likely to abuse their own body using drugs.


Scorpio: Oct 24-Nov 22:

Jealous, aggressive, sadistic, assassins:

The jealous and aggressive Scorpio can be extremely dangerous when circumstances are not right. Their sadistic nature makes them manipulate others and even if they don’t commit crimes on their own, they are the ones who pull the strings. Assassins are usually Scorpios.


Leo: Jul 23-Aug 23:

High temper, psychotic, commit crimes for fame:

Ruled by Fire and represented by a lion, the Leo carries the planet Mercury in their head. This makes them psychotic too and they usually commit crimes to get fame.

Aquarius: Jan 21-Feb 18:

Manipulative and vengeful:

Usually good-behaved, the Aquarius is the best when it comes to taking revenge. Their charismatic leadership skills make them good manipulators and they are great hackers too.

Gemini: May 21-June 20:

Inconsistent, gets involved in fraud or stealing:

The least dangerous of all the signs, Gemini is likely to commit crimes like stealing. The twins are inconsistent and are often shallow by nature.

This Is How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign
This Is How Dangerous You Truly Are According To Your Zodiac Sign
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