Cute Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Cute Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

Cute and Romantic Ideas to Do for Your Loved One

You are dating your boyfriend for a variety of reasons, but the main reason is simple: you love him! Even though you show your boyfriend that you love him everyday, there’s no reason you can’t do something extra special for him every once in a while! Surprising your boyfriend with a romantic gesture is a great way to strengthen your relationship and make sure that knows that you do not take him for granted. You have probably wanted to do something special for your guy before, but maybe you have needed some inspiration. To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite sweet things to do for your boyfriend. We have included cute things to do for him on a special occasion and we have also included romantic ideas that are perfect for any normal day of the week. Although we organized this list into these two categories, you don’t need to stick to these guidelines and you should try these out whenever it feels right! Whether big or small, every single one of these gestures is filled with love and will remind him that he is one lucky guy to have found such a fabulous girlfriend.

Romantic Ideas for a Special Occasion and Cute Ideas For Any Day of the Week

1Plan a Surprise Roadtrip (with a special playlist!)

Planning a roadtrip is a super romantic thing to do for your guy because odds are, there is somewhere he has been dying to go, but just hasn’t had the time or energy to plan it himself. If you can make a playlist that has his favorite songs, go for it! He will really appreciate the attention to detail that you took in order to make sure that this trip is special and tailored to him. If you want to make this idea extra surprising and romantic, you could simply give him a calendar with the dates marked off for the trip. He will probably be disappointed at first that he “only” got a calendar, but his face will be priceless when he realizes the real gift! Make sure that you do your research ahead of time and take care of all of the details like choosing a route to drive, where to stay, and most importantly: that he is definitely available during the dates that you choose to go! This may be a gift for him, but you will also get the gift of creating amazing memories with your special guy!

2Make Him a Romantic “Coupon” Book

Relationships are about compromise and that means that sometimes your guy does not always get his way! However, on special occasions like his birthday or Valentine’s Day, you can give him the gift of getting what he wants, when he wants it. This is a super creative gift that you can give your guy because you can personalize it to reflect all of the things you know that he loves but does not always get. For example, you could give him a coupon that gives him control of the tv remote for an entire week. Another idea would be a coupon that let’s him choose the menu for a meal that you cook for him! One of the great things about this gift is that he can use his coupons whenever he wants so he is not limited to feeling like a king on just one day! You will get extra points with him if you leave a blank coupon at the end of the book to surprise him with his very own choice! This is also the perfect way to show your guy that you care without needing to buy him something. He will appreciate that you went through all of the effort to make such a creative and personalized gift, and who knows, maybe he’ll like the idea so much that he will make one for you too someday!

3Buy Him Tickets to a Sports or Music Event

There is definitely a concert or game that your guy would love to go to, but maybe he hasn’t bought tickets yet because they are too expensive or he simply hasn’t gotten around to it. In order to keep it a surprise, you may need to enlist the help of his friends so that you don’t need to ask him directly what he would like. This is a super cute thing to make for your boyfriend and your guy will be especially touched because you went through the extra effort to keep it a secret. If you can afford it, you should consider buying yourself a ticket as well! He will appreciate your company and just think of how cute he will look enjoying the game or show!

4Recreate Your First Date – Romantic things to do for your boyfriend

Although it feels like a distant memory because you two know each other so well now, there was a first date where your relationship began and your lives changed forever. There were probably some awkward moments that you may not want to literally recreate, but taking your boyfriend to the place where you two had your first date is an extremely romantic gesture!

5Cook His Favorite Meal with a Trail of Love Notes

The only thing better than cooking your boyfriend his favorite meal? Leading him to this table of deliciousness with romantic notes! Invite your boyfriend over to your house and leave the door unlocked. When he arrives, he will immediately notice your first note lying on the ground. He will understand what is going on pretty quickly and even if it seems corny, he will be so touched by the sweet things you wrote and all of the effort you made to ensure this meal is special for him. Since we don’t know your boyfriend, we can’t tell you what to write on these notes. Luckily, you are an expert on what makes your guy amazing so write from the heart and don’t overthink it!

6Send Him a Handwritten Love Letter

Although you probably send your boyfriend a lot of sweet text messages or use social media to express your love, a handwritten note is something special that he will be able to hold onto and treasure forever. At first, you may notice that it is actually harder to express yourself when you are writing your thoughts by hand because you are so used to using technology to do it! This will require you to work a little bit harder, but you will probably find that the message you create is incredibly deep and thoughtful. Although you can definitely hand this letter to him in person, it may be even more fun to send it through the postal service because he will be super surprised (and it wouldn’t be unexpected for this note to make him tear up a little, so he will probably appreciate the privacy!) If you’re an artist another idea is cute things to draw for your boyfriend and send him as a letter.

7Wash His Car

For a lot of guys, his car is his second true love beside you. Even if you don’t share his obsession with his car, you can show him that you care about him by making sure his prize is well taken care of. This is a particularly sweet gesture when you know your boyfriend has had a busy week and you want to help him out.

8Give a Back Massage

You know how you love when your boyfriend gives you those amazing back and shoulder rubs? Guess what, he loves massages too! Every guy appreciates a great back massage, especially when he is tired, stressed out, or suffering back pain. He may not ask you for one directly because he doesn’t want to trouble you, but you should know he would never turn one down if you offered. This is a great way to help your boyfriend relax and show him that you care. Don’t worry about how good you are at giving massages, your sweet gesture will feel as good as any professional massage would!

9Leave a Note for Him to See When He Wakes Up

This is an especially cute thing to do for him if he is not a morning person. Waking up after a blissful slumber is not always a fun thing to do, so surprising your boyfriend with a sweet note to see first thing in the morning is an awesome way to help him start the day off right. Never underestimate how important the small gestures are in reminding your boyfriend how much you love him!

10Frame Your Favorite Picture Together

Even though your boyfriend has probably seen this picture already on Facebook or on your phone, being able to physically hold this adorable picture of you two is extra special. He can put it somewhere special in his room and bring it with him if he travels!

11Pick-up His Favorite Junk Food and Watch a Movie

Although your boyfriend definitely appreciates the romance of when you cook for him, sometimes its a lot more fun to pig out on an assortment of junk food and watch a movie together! This is a cute activity to plan for your guy because it is lighthearted and fun while still being sweet.

12Text Him a Reason Why You Love Him Every Hour

This is an awesome and cute way to show your guy how much you love him. Don’t explain what you’re doing, just send him a new message every hour with a quick description of why you love him. He will probably catch on pretty quickly and will be looking forward to receiving whatever message you send to him each hour. This is a super sweet gesture to do any day of the week, but your boyfriend will be extra appreciative of it if he happens to be having a hard day!

13Ask Him What He Wants To Do…And Do It

If your guy wants to book a flight to a remote island in the next ten minutes, it is probably not happening. However, if he has something in mind which makes sense logistically and financially, do it! For example, if he wants to go for a dip in the ocean, don’t worry about your hair or whether its cold out, just go for it! This is a cute way to show your guy that you want him to feel like he can do spontaneous things with you. Sure, its fun to enjoy the comfortable routine that relationships often fall into, but don’t forget how much fun it can be to experience something together that you didn’t plan!

14Cute things to make for your boyfriend: Plan a Picnic

Although picnics may seem old-fashioned, there is something really romantic about sharing a meal while sitting on the ground with your significant other. Try to find a nice quiet location to have your picnic so that you two can enjoy nature sounds and focus on being with each other. If you both don’t like being outdoors or want to try a fresh and quirky take on this activity, you can even create a picnic indoors! All you need to do is put a couple pillows on the floor. If you’re feeling extra romantic, you can add a string of white lights, candles, and rose petals to your setup!

15Organize a “Guy’s Night” for Him and His Friends

One of a guys biggest concerns when it comes to dating is whether his girlfriend gets along with his friends Even if you don’t particularly like his friends, you know that your guy loves to hang out with them and it makes him happy to see when you make an effort to encourage and respect his friendships. Your boyfriend loves spending time with you because you are an awesome girlfriend, but he will think you’re even more awesome knowing that you took the time to organize this night. There are a ton of possibilities, but one easy idea would be hosting a party at your house and ordering them a pizza to watch a sports game!

As you can see from this list, there are a ton of cute things to do for your boyfriend when you want to show him a little extra love. Whether it is a special occasion, your guy has had a bad day or you just want to do something romantic, your boyfriend will adore you even more for going out of your way to make these sweet gestures.

Cute Text Messages

cute text messages

20 Cute Text Messages to Text Your Boyfriend

As you know, there is nothing like receiving a cute romantic text message to brighten your day! It’s awesome when you are on the receiving end of these sweet messages, but maybe this time you want to turn the tables and brighten your guy’s day with a little digital love. Even though you know in your head what you want to say, sometimes it can be hard to get the wording just right. If you need some inspiration for a romantic text message to send your special someone, look no further than this list! The great thing about this list is that these messages are universal so if your guy friend wants your advice on something sweet to text his girlfriend, these ideas will be perfect for him as well. Whether you prefer your cute text messages to be deeply emotional, humorous or somewhere in between, there is something for everyone on this list!

1“I can’t remember my life without you in it”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This is such a sweet way to show your guy what an amazing impact his presence has had on you. Relationships have a way of totally changing your daily life and sometimes it happens so quickly that it feels like a whirlwind! Even if you two have only been dating for a few months, it is totally natural to feel this way and he will love to hear how important he has become to you.

2“You are the peanut butter to my jelly”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: Not all cute and romantic text messages need to be sappy or deep! This is an adorable and light-hearted way to tell your guy that he completes you while making him laugh at the same time.

3“You make me want to be a better person”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: The most successful relationships happen when each half actively strives to bring out the best in each other. Your guy already thinks you’re an angel, but he definitely notices the way that you shine when you two are together. Sending this cute text message will help him understand how much he inspires you.

4“I have never trusted anyone as much as I trust you”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: Although people can connect on certain levels instantly, trust is earned over time and becomes increasingly important to secure before you take your relationship to the next level. Even though he always wants you to be open with him and he hopes that you feel comfortable enough to tell him your feelings, he knows that trust develops organically and he needs to wait until you reach that point. Earning your trust represents an important milestone in deepening a relationsihp and he will be ecstatic to know that you not only trust him, but also that you trust him more than anyone else!

5“I have never met anyone as amazing as you before”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This text is great because it is straightforward and tells your guy how special he is without your message getting lost in overly mushy words. He obviously hopes that you think he’s amazing, but actually reading that you think he is the most amazing person of all the people you have ever met is quite the honor!

6“I believe in you completely”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: Even your strong independent boyfriend needs to feel supported and encouraged by you! He may not ask you for it directly because he does not want to look weak or needy, but sometimes the people who don’t look like they need support actually need it the most. Sending this short and sweet message will let your boyfriend know that you believe in him 100{242284c2b4ecb42ce145674282a91f528eac5aaa2b06dcbd7792c2e4bc5a83c2} and this encouragement will help him get through the self-doubt that everyone naturally experiences. This is a particularly romantic message to send if you know he has been going through a rough time recently. However, this loving burst of encouragement will brighten his day no matter what the circumstances!

7“I love you more everyday”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This sweet text is another one of our favorite straight forward and short messages to send to your special guy. This will show him that you don’t take him for granted and that you look forward to the future together because it keeps getting better!

8“I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I have you”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This romantic text message is lighthearted and sweet but it also contains a deeper message as well. When you say that he makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world, you are also saying that dating him makes you happier than all of the objects and money in the world could.

9“You make me happy on days when no one else can”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: Relationships are great because you develop the ability to trust another person completely and you get to rely on them for support. But having a special someone is also awesome because you have someone to make you laugh and have fun with! Even if you’re feeling a little down when you send this text, it will relieve him to know that he can help make you feel better and he will continue to do everything he can to make you happy.

10“I don’t know what I would do without you”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This is a very romantic text message to let your guy know how much he has changed your life. Although the sentiment is very sweet, it is probably best not to send this text too early on in the relationship or during a rough patch in the relationship. These are “no-go” periods for this message because you may come across as being unattractively clingy, desperate, or not having any independent life outside of your relationship. Timing is everything, and sending this message during times when things are not super solid with you two can backfire. However, if your relationship is consistent, established, and affectionate, this is the perfect cute text message to remind him how important he is to you.

11“I miss you whenever we are apart”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: Letting your guy know that you miss him when he’s not there is super sweet sentiment to express through text message. It will make him feel great to know that you’re thinking of him even when you are doing things that do not physically include him.

12“I don’t like you… I love you”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This cute text message is best delivered playfully. Try sending him the first part “I don’t like you” and then waiting for his response. Most likely he will be confused and a little anxious. You are technically tricking him, but don’t take too long to respond that you love him, or your message of love may get overshadowed by his worry! He will be relieved and smile hard when he realizes that you were being romantic in a creative way.

13“I thought I wanted you, now I know I need you”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This cute text message is definitely a little corny, but its so sweet that your guy won’t be bothered. Guys love hearing that they are appreciated and needed so knowing how seriously you are committed to him will make him feel secure and happy in your relationship.

14“You know me better than anyone”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This text message is simple, sweet and shows your guy that he holds a place in your life that no one else does. People are dynamic and complex so oftentimes certain friends may know particular sides of your personality better than other friends do. Romantic relationships are a process of getting to know one another in each other’s entirety, so it will be incredbily meaningful to him when he reads that no one else knows every aspect of you as well as he does. The best love stories are made up of two people who can read each other like a book!

15“As soon as I met you, I knew what I was missing from my life”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: Isn’t it hard to remember what it was like before your guy was in your life? Your guy has always thought you were perfect so he may not realize that he is filling a void for you, but he will love to read this sweet message which shows how much you you value his role in your life.

16“Nothing makes me happier than to see you smile”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This romantic text message tells him that you care about his feelings more than your own. When you start caring for your special someone’s emotions more than your very own, you know its true love!

17“I will always be there for you at your worst, because I want to deserve to have you at your best”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: One of the realities of dating another person is that they will not be the perfect human you were originally attracted to all of the time. Even your gorgeous, funny, kind, loving guy will sometimes have moments or even days where his mood is less than fabulous. But you aren’t perfect either! Your mostly gorgeous, funny, kind and loving guy puts up with your grumpy moments so it is important to extend him the same understanding that he shows you. As with all things, timing is key with this text message. Try not to send this right after an argument because he will be sensitive, but this is a great text to send after you two have discussed a little bit about what is stressing him out. He will be grateful for your support, general amazingness and will be motivated to show you his best self in the future.

18“You don’t know how awesome you are”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This text message is a super sweet way to give your guy a confidence boost and remind him how much you love him. You can keep it simple with these 7 words, or you can elaborate and tell your boyfriend all of the things that make him so awesome!

19“I will never judge you, no matter what”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: Sometimes a guy is hesitant to reveal his flaws to his girlfriend because he may be scared of pushing away the girl of his dreams. You want your guy to feel 100{242284c2b4ecb42ce145674282a91f528eac5aaa2b06dcbd7792c2e4bc5a83c2} comfortable with you so it is important to make sure he knows that he can be totally honest with you and not worry about being judged. The ability to talk to each other openly is a hallmark of long lasting and healthy relationships. This is the perfect cute text message to let him know that you have his back no matter what.

20“I’d still have a crush on you even if we got married one day”

Why this is an awesomely cute text message: This text message is a cute and funny way to let your guy know that no matter how serious things get between you, you will always have that excitement about him that occupied your thoughts before you guys became official. Even well-matched couples can be worried about losing interest in each other over time, but this cute text message will ensure that he knows your relationship will never feel stale!

When you’re not physically with your guy, sending a cute text message is a great way to express your affection from afar. You can keep things light or delve into deeper emotions, but no matter what you choose to say, your guy will be excited when he gets a text message notification from his favorite girl! We hope you enjoyed this list of cute text messages and that it has helped you find the perfect thing to send!

How to Make a Guy Jealous

How to Make a Guy Jealous

17 Celever Ways to Make Him Jealous

Whether you are frustrated because your crush doesn’t seem to notice you, or you desperately want your ex-boyfriend back, you may be looking for some ways to make a guy in your life jealous. Obviously it would be better if he magically realized how amazing you are without making you go through the extra step of concocting a scheme to make him jealous. However, all is fair in love and war so sometimes you need to be a little sneaky to get his attention! While we can’t recommend anything cruel or unusual, we do have a few tricks up our sleeve which can help you get him to notice you. Girls have different reasons for wanting to make a guy jealous, so we are organizing this list into three categories: when you want to make your crush jealous, when you want your boyfriend to notice you more, and when you want to make your ex jealous. Some of these strategies can work in more than one category, so feel free to mix and match depending on your personal situation. Don’t forget that when you try to make a guy jealous, you also open the door for the possibility that he will try to retaliate and make you jealous, the possibility that a complicated dynamic will develop between you and the friends you share with him, and even the possibility that he may not even notice all of your efforts. However, if you are willing to accept that the outcome of your efforts may not be perfectly aligned with your intentions, keep reading for some great ideas about how to make him jealous!

Make your crush/boyfriend jealous:

1Flirting with other guys

Why this will get his attention: Even if he likes to flirt with other girls, every guy wants to feel like he is the top choice so he will notice if you choose to flirt with different guys. Guys are competitive, especially when it comes to girls. When he sees you flirting with other guys he will begin to think of you as a catch who he needs to compete for, rather than a girl who is waiting around for him. Guys do not find desperation attractive, so try to make it seem like you are considering all of your options. However, be careful not to go too overboard because you don’t want to send him a signal that you’re not interested in him at all!

2Talk about a guy who asked you out on a date

Why this will get his attention: This is a great option if you are trying to get the attention of a guy who you sense thinks of you platonically. For example, if you have a crush on your best guy friend, he may have difficulty seeing you as a girl with romantic potential since you are such good friends. Telling him about guys who ask you out makes him think about the fact that you are not only a great friend, but also a girl who other guys want romantically!

3Don’t respond to his messages immediately

Why this will get his attention: Even if his texts make you giddy, you need to play it cool so that he doesn’t take you for granted. You want to give the impression that you are busy and are not in fact, sitting around all day hoping that he will text you. When you wait to respond to his messages, he will wonder what you are up to and it will cross his mind that other guys are texting you too. However, don’t wait too long between messages! He may think that you don’t care or are rude if you always take hours to respond!

4Be somewhat vague and mysterious during communications

Why this will get his attention: Even if you want to write text messages with multiple paragraphs to show off how witty and likeable you are, over sharing can be a major turn-off to a guy. He wants a girl who has her own life and doesn’t try too hard to be liked, so it is important that you try to maintain some element of mystery. If you are somewhat vague in your communications, he will be eager to find out more about you which means that he will stay interested in talking to you!

5Posting pictures of yourself having a great time with other people (and guys!)

Why this will get his attention: One of the most common gripes that girls have with their boyfriends is that they feel as if their guy takes them for granted. If you have been dating for a long time, it’s true, he may have become accustomed to how awesome you are and not realize how lucky he is to have you! It doesn’t hurt to remind him that you have an exciting social life and that many other people enjoy getting to spend time with you. Try not to take any sketchy pictures that imply you are flirting inappropriately with your guy friends. There is a difference between showing your boyfriend that other people appreciate you versus making him paranoid that you are cheating on him.

6Have a close guy friend

Why this will get his attention: Even if you and your guy friend have been close since you were toddlers and think of each other like siblings, your boyfriend will always wonder if you guys have ever had feelings for each other or even secretly like each other. If you want to make your boyfriend notice you and get a little territorial, try bringing your guy friend up in conversations and hanging out with him one on one more often.

7Talking about how funny you think another guy is

Why this will get his attention: Every guy knows that a sense of humor is particularly attractive to women. For some reason, it is much more common for an unattractive funny guy to score a gorgeous woman than it is for an unattractive, but hilarious girl to score a ridiculously hot guy. Considering this, your boyfriend sees a guy who makes you laugh as a potential threat and he will want to think of ways to get all of your attention back to how funny you think he is.

8Let him see that you are texting your ex

Why this will get his attention: Even if your boyfriend claims he doesn’t care about your romantic past, every guy worries about how they compare to your last guy. If he sees you communicating with your ex, he will definitely get jealous and be inspired to make sure you don’t feel the need to turn to your ex for entertainment.

9Act like you don’t care if you see him flirting with other girls

Why this will get his attention: Your boyfriend should not be flirting with other girls if he is lucky enough to be dating you! You are right to be angry if you see this, but if you yell at him, he may justify his inappropriate actions because you are “mean” to him. Yeah, its messed up, but sometimes guys are immature and you need to be a little tricky and subtle to show him the error of his ways. If you act like you don’t care, he will wonder why you are being so chill. He will probably wonder if you don’t care because you are doing the same thing. He definitely doesn’t want you flirting with other guys so he will probably start making an extra effort to make sure you are the only guy you are thinking about.

10Talk about celebrity guys

Why this will get his attention: If you feel like your boyfriend is not giving you the attention you deserve, a great way to make him jealous is talking about celebrity guys who you find attractive. He will be reminded that you are capable of finding other people attractive besides him, so he will be motivated to be the best boyfriend ever.

11Reminisce about great memories with your guy friends

Why this will get his attention: Your boyfriend wants to be the main guy that makes you happy. If he has been distant or inattentive, it doesn’t hurt to remind him how happy you are hanging out with guys besides him.

12Look good for everybody else

Why this will get his attention: You are a goddess, but your boyfriend may be used to how hot you are if you have been dating for a while. You don’t want him to take you for granted. If he sees you making more of an effort to look good for occasions when you’re not with him than occasions in which you two are together, he will be jealous and wonder how he can start inspiring you to put in that extra effort for him.
Make your ex jealous

13Hook up with a guy he hates

Why this will get his attention: Even though you two are broken up, your ex boyfriend still notices what you do and cares, even if he refuses to admit it to anyone. If you two ended on a bad note and have no intention or desire to reconcile, hooking up with someone he hates will send your ex-boyfriend a message that you really don’t care what he thinks at all. It will make him jealous that you are spending quality time with someone that you know he hates.

14Hook up with his friend

Why this will get his attention: Similar to the effect of hooking up with someone he hates, hooking up with his friend is a guaranteed way to make your ex jealous. This is only recommended for an ex who you have no desire to get back together with because he will not be happy about this one!

15Look amazing

Why this will get his attention: This is a great way to make him jealous, whether you want to lure him back, or just show him what he’s missing. Make an effort to look even more incredible than you did when you two were dating. Whether that means going to the gym, changing your hair color, or buying some new clothes, there are a variety of ways you can give yourself a hot makeover. The bonus about this strategy is that you will not only make him jealous, but you will also feel amazing and confident yourself!

16Use social media to show how well you are doing without him

Why this will get his attention: Even if you are heartbroken about breaking up with your ex-boyfriend, the best way to make him jealous is to make him think you are even better off without him. Take pictures at parties with your friends, post updates about the cool things you are doing, and do whatever you can to show him, and the world, how great you are doing. He will definitely notice how happy you are and get jealous, and the best part is that by doing all of these activities and keeping yourself busy, you actually will notice yourself feeling happier and whole again!

17Be happy and casual when you talk to him

Why this will get his attention: You may hate his guts or desperately want him back, but the best way to make him jealous is to give the impression that you are emotionally neutral about breaking up with him. If he texts you or if you run into him at a party, don’t freak out or ignore him, be friendly and cordial as you would be toward any normal acquaintance. He will notice how well you are doing and his ego will be disappointed that you are not more affected by his departure from your life!

There are many reasons you may want to make a guy in your life jealous. It is important to keep in mind what your intentions are in making him jealous because the wrong approach can completely backfire. We hope you found this list of ways to make a guy jealous helpful. Though we totally understand that making a guy jealous may be what you feel you need to do, don’t forget that you are awesome no matter what ends up happening!

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20 Random Questions to Ask a Guy

20 Random Questions to Ask a Guy

Random Questions to Ask Any Guy

Let’s be real. Dates can be awkward. The tension of wanting to impress your date, and hide how nerdy you actually are can get the best of us sometimes. For all the victims of awkward dates, there is hope. As women we’ve all been there, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for a while, or if you’ve just started dating, here are fifteen questions to loosen up the conversation and get to know your man a little bit better.

1What is the weirdest thing that you ever did in high school?

This can be a fun way to get to know your significant other’s personality. The answers to this question could range from awkward stories, to hilarious confessions. This funny random question is a great way to start off the night, because it takes the awkward tension away from a situation, and replaces it with laughter and fond memories. Don’t be afraid to start off by embarrassing yourself, and sharing one of your own embarrassing stories from high school. The second that either of you stop feeling the need to be cool and collected around each other, is the moment that you will find true compatibility with your date.

2If you had all the resources in the world, and money wasn’t an issue, what would you do for a job?

This question is important because it will give you a peek into your dates dreams, and work ethic. The way that he responds will give you clues about his character, and lets him know that you are genuinely interested in who he is as a person. In this situation remember to be actively listening, and interested in what your partner is telling you. Dreams are extremely personal things to share, and tell a lot about a person. This is also a great way to find out about your date’s work ethic by finding out what steps he has done to accomplish his dream. You could follow up this question by asking him how he came to have this passion, and what he is doing now to pursue it.

3What is one characteristic in a mate that you find irresistible?

Who wouldn’t want to know what their boyfriend likes? This doesn’t have to be something that he likes about your appearance, it can also be thing that he finds attractive of your personality. Does he like funny girls? Sarcastic girls? Don’t be afraid to ask him what he likes or doesn’t like in a mate. Remember that whether or not you fit his criteria that is not your problem. Don’t change yourself to be liked better by a boy, but look for the things that he finds attractive, and that you naturally possess.

4What is the funniest prank that you have ever seen or done?

This is a great way to break the awkward tension, and find out what makes your date laugh! Sharing funny memories makes any situation easier to navigate. Make sure to notice if your potential boyfriend was watching the prank happen, or he was making the prank happen. This could be a sneak peek into his personality, and the dynamics of his friendships.

5Who do you love most in the world?

Don’t be afraid to talk about the important stuff as well as the fun. A great rule of thumb is to ask questions that focus on important aspects of the other person’s life, and try to divert the conversation back to them. A huge part of dating is being able to listen. Ask questions about his answer to show that you are interested in the people that he cares about.

6What is your favorite food?

Ever heard the saying, “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Ask this question and cook it for him for a second date! This is a great way to show that you are able to take care of your potential man, and he will definitely appreciate it.

7What is your guilty pleasure movie?

Everyone has a movie that they don’t want to admit they love. This could range from “The Notebook” to “Legally Blond.” Whether or not your date tells you the answer to this question depends on how comfortable you are with each other. Pay attention to whether or not this is something that is easy for him to confess. The easier it is for him to confess a potentially embarrassing story the more confidant he is. Make sure to confess your own guilty pleasure as well!

8Name one person who has impacted your life in an important way?

Some of these questions may not work if you’re on a first date, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. This question could be an easy way to get to know the more serious side of your date, and understand how he views the people in his life. Gratitude for people who have encouraged and poured into one’s life is a very important characteristic for a mate.

9Do you have any ridiculous skills?

This is such a great way to get to know the fun side of your date! These skills can range from playing the banjo, to juggling, but they are guaranteed to make the night more interesting. Make sure to share your own quirky skills, and if able, display them!
What is your favorite board game?
You could easily plan a date based off all of the answers to these questions. Make his favorite dinner, and play his favorite childhood board game. Try to mention your own, and be competitive!

10Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Family is an important aspect of any relationship, and being interested in your significant other’s family will show you are invested. Ask questions about his brothers or sisters, and find things that you can relate to them with.

11Did you play sports growing up?

Men and sports are synonymous with each other. Ask questions about favorite sports that he watches or plays in. Questions like, “what is your favorite part of watching or playing?” can help you better understand whether he is active or not.

12If there was one thing that you could change about your life, what would it be?

An important aspect of a relationship is pushing the other person to be the best that they can be. This means encouraging them to complete things that they have always dreamed of doing. Ask this question, and make sure to remember to always try to help your significant other succeed in his life and dreams.

13Do you like Sunny days or Rainy days best?

Ask this random question as a way to understand whether he is the type of guy to stay inside and cuddle all day, or bring you on exciting adventures outside! This question gives you a sneak peek into his personality.

14What is your favorite dessert?

Store the answer to this question away for special events later on, or you could impress him by making it for your next date!

15What is your favorite type of music?

Someone’s choice in music tells a lot about their personality. From the classic creed lovers to the new age electronica devotees, you can better understand your man by knowing his music tastes.

16What is your earliest memory?

Answers to this question show the sentimental side of your date, and can show you the important people and events in his life. This is a question that all people may not have an answer to, but in the case that it does, it shows you the inner workings of your date’s life.

17What is the weirdest job that you’ve ever had?

This question is a great way to get to know the quirky side of your date, and can show whether or not he is adventurous! Jobs are important because they show a level of experience, and the desire to succeed. Do his past jobs have ties to what he wants to do with the rest of his life, or are they fillers. Did the jobs add some type of new life experience? Answers to these questions show a willingness for adventure and success.

18What has been the scariest moment of your life so far?

Answers to this can range from serious moments of tragedy, to hilarious moments of triumph. It is important to know that everyone has their own fears, and that is okay.

19What is your favorite thing about yourself?

This could be the most important answer that you receive. Self-confidence is a must have attribute in a mate, and knowing the answers to this helps you to understand who the other person sees themselves as, and who they want to be. Remember to be confident in your own answer to this question. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is an important characteristic to have in a date.

When asking these questions remember that the most beautiful brand that a woman can wear is self-confidence. Be the amazing, beautiful person you are, and everything else will just happen.

How to Get a Boy to Ask You Out

Best Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You out

Traditionally speaking, guys ask girls out and not the other way around. Although girls are technically completely capable of asking a boy on a date, asking someone out is nerve wrecking so we girls tend to prefer to let the guy deal with the uncomfortable stuff! While we totally admire girls who are bold enough to initiate the dating process, we know that most girls are more comfortable waiting for him to make the first move which is why we have created this list of ways to get a boy to ask you out. On this list you will find two categories of tips: First, we will give you some general advice that applies to any scenario that falls somewhere on the crush spectrum, from liking him from a distance to crushing on your best guy friend. Second, we will provide targeted tips for you depending on whether you know him really well or don’t hang out with him that much (yet!). Remember, even though he is the one asking you out, there is still work to do on your end to increase the odds of it happening—and ensure that another girl doesn’t catch his eye first!

Tips For: No Matter How Well You Know Him;
When He’s Your Close (or Best!) Friend; Or
For When You’re Crushing From Afar

1Make an effort with your appearance

Although decent guys look for girls who have more than just an attractive appearance, it is totally natural and not superficial for him to care about how a girl looks. Considering this, making an effort to look your best is a great way to get him to notice you. You don’t need to start wearing a ton of makeup or clothes that you aren’t comfortable in, just make sure that you are well groomed, that you accentuate your best features, and that you feel that you look your best. Confidence is magnetic so he is more likely to see you in the way that you want him to if you feel awesome about yourself.

2Smile more

Sure, models in magazines look great when they look angsty or aloof, but that doesn’t mean these are expressions you should replicate when you want a guy to ask you out. Models have the benefit of airbrushing and also aren’t channeling their smoldering expressions for the purpose of enticing their crush to ask them out. Countless studies show that men are more interested in dating women who smile a lot and look like they are having fun. Why? Because the whole point of dating is to find someone you can have fun with, not just someone who looks abnormally pretty when they’re angry! Plus, in addition to showing him how fun you are, smiles make you look extra beautiful since your whole face lights up!

3Treat him differently than other guys

Even if you have a crush on a guy who you don’t really know or come into contact with often, you can send him signals that make him feel special. For example, if you walk by him and his friend, smile flirtatiously at him, but only politely at his friend. Though you should treat him as if he is special, be sure to avoid being rude to other people in the process. If you’re super nice to him and rude to other guys, he may realize you have a crush but he won’t be inclined to ask you out since you won’t seem like a nice person.

4Hang out where he hangs out

The key to getting him to notice you is obvious: be visible! Maybe you noticed a cute guy at work and are dying to have him ask you out, but you aren’t sure if he has also noticed you Take note of where he likes to spend time or even the people he hangs out with. The more he sees you or hears his friends mention you, the more he will consciously (or unconsciously) think about you. While noticing your existence is a far cry from asking you out on a date, it is the first step!

5Strike up conversation

It can be hard to muster up the courage to start a conversation, but it doesn’t need to be as scary as it feels. Even though your crush is like a celebrity in your mind, he’s also just a normal guy who has conversations with people. In the same way that you wouldn’t think it was weird if someone you didn’t know struck up a conversation with you, he won’t think it’s weird if you do. He will think it’s weird if you turn bright red and squeak every time he’s around you, so just relax and play it cool. You can say anything to get a conversation going, even if it’s something about the weather. Striking up conversation with him will create a memory so you the opportunity to make a good and intriguing impression. Don’t over think your interaction, but it doesn’t hurt to come up with a few witty and memorable opening lines!

6Demonstrate your interest by finding excuses to get in touch

After you’ve established that he knows who you are and that he is as friendly as you hoped, you can reach out to your crush without feeling like it is weird. You want to send signals to him that you are making an effort to get to know him, but you don’t need to be overly flirty in order to get him interested in asking you out. If you are getting in touch for plausibly legitimate reasons, you don’t have to worry about the embarrassing possibility that you could flirt really hard and he would deny your advances. If he is physically attracted to you and/or blown away by how fun and interesting you are, he will be inclined to ask out if he notices that you are going out of your way to talk to him. A guy is much more likely to ask a girl out if he thinks she won’t reject him!

7Ask his friends for advice

This tip is only useful if you are brave enough to admit to his friends that you like him. Asking his friends for advice about how to get his attention is useful because every guy is different and they are the only ones who know the specific things you can do to increase the odds that he asks you out!

8Make sure he knows you don’t want to be single anymore

When you’re good friends with a guy, sometimes it can be uncomfortable to broach the subject of romance at all, since part of how boy-girl friendships function is the assumption that each of you thinks of each other platonically. Often, guys try to think of their girl friends as “one of the guys” in order to avoid being tempted to complicate the friendship. But, if you like your guy friend, you want to complicate things! It sounds silly, but you need to make an effort to remind him that you are a girl and that you have romantic needs too! You need to break down the barriers that he has put in place to avoid thinking of you as a potential romantic partner.

9Make it clear that you do not think it is weird for friends to date each other

Even if he secretly likes you too, he has probably worried about how turning a friendship into a romantic relationship will change things, or even ruin the important friendship that you do have. If he knows that you don’t see a problem with friends dating, he will be more open to the idea that asking you out may not actually be the craziest thing!

10Make extended flirty eye contact

Obviously you are used to making eye contact with him since he’s your good friend and you talk all the time. However, you can still use your eyes as a strategic tool to make him interested in asking you out! Make an effort to look at him a little bit longer than usual and in a flirtier way. He may be caught off guard by how you have begun to look at him differently, but this is a good thing! Your goal is to remind him that the possibility of you two dating isn’t a ridiculous idea, so you need to send subtle hints that you don’t necessarily think of him as just a friend.

11Figure out how to get alone with him in situations typical for couples

They key to getting him to ask you out when he is your close friend is making him confront the reality that the two of you dating is completely plausible. If you go out to dinner just the two of you, choose a romantic restaurant. More than likely, your waiter will make some sort of allusion to the fact that you two are a couple. Even though you aren’t actually a couple (yet!), you want him to encounter the message that you two could be a couple, as often as possible. You need to chip away at all of the reasons that he keeps you in the box of “just friends,” so putting yourself in situations that are typical for couples will help to make him think about the idea of you as a potential romantic partner.

Wouldn’t it be great if anytime you liked a guy, he would just ask you out right away? Even though this would be a lot easier, there are a lot of ways you can increase the odds that he will eventually ask you out. This list has touched on a few strategies you can try out, but there are many other things you can do as well. Remember, regardless of whether you are crushing from a distance or crushing on your best friend, you ultimately want to do things that simultaneously make you attractive to him and also convince him that he will not be rejected. We hope you have found this list helpful, and don’t forget to check out our other articles for more tips about crushes and relationships!

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Michelle is freelance writer and graphic designer based in California. In addition to her creative pursuits, Michelle enjoys following people’s pets on Instagram, accruing rewards points at Sephora, and dreaming of world travel.

Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

games to play with your boyfriend

Fun Games to Play With Your Boyfriend

Having a boyfriend can be a wonderful way to add comfort and stability to your life, but it can be easy to slip into a routine where you find that things feel a little monotonous and boring. Playing games with your boyfriend is a great way to add a little spice to your routine and share fun experiences that can help you get to know each other in new ways and strengthen your bond! Below are three categories of games: General Games, Texting Games, and Double Date Games. We hope these ideas help you guys shake things up a bit!

General, Texting & Double Date Games

1Truth or Dare

Why this is a great game to play with your boyfriend: Truth or Dare is one of the most fun get-to-know-you games out there, so why not play it with your boyfriend? Although you can keep your questions and dares lighthearted, you also have the opportunity to open up with each other about some deeply personal stuff that might be easier to talk about in the construct of a game. Also, the more elaborate and embarrassing your dares are, the more you will be able to laugh about them together and foster strong memories! Truth or Dare is definitely an awesome way to strengthen the bond you have with each other.

2Blind Date Game

Why this is a great game to play with your boyfriend: Do you ever wish things were as exciting as they were when you two barely knew each other? Well, with this game you can recreate that feeling. Pick a time and a place together, but arrive to the location separately and dressed to impress. If he’s used to seeing you in dirty sweatpants and no makeup, this is a great opportunity to dust off that tight dress you’ve been storing in his closet. Remember, this is a night where you two are pretending to get to know each other. Think about some questions you would ask on a first date, you’d be surprised how many of these answers you thought you knew, but forgot the first time during the excitement of getting to know each other originally!

3Movie Game


Why this is a great game to play with your boyfriend: Though there are a lot of movie games out there, we have come up with one that we think would be very sweet and fun to play with your boyfriend. Here’s how it work: Choose a movie that the two of you will watch together. For the sake of an explanation that is easy to visualize, let’s pretend that the movie is a nice round number at 90 minutes. Make a deal that each of you will have control of the remote for 15 minutes at a time, after that time is up, you have to give it to the other person. During each 15 minutes, whoever has control of the remote can pause the movie whenever they want. When the movie is paused, whoever does not have the remote has to tell the other person one reason why they love the other person. This game is super fun and romantic because even though the movie will still be playing, the person who doesn’t have the remote needs to constantly be thinking about why they love the other person since they may need to answer at any moment! On that note, it might be a good idea to choose a movie that the two of you have seen before since you probably won’t be paying super close attention!

4Complete my Sentence Game

Why this is a great game to play with your boyfriend: During this game you will text each other an incomplete sentence about yourself and the other one has to finish it correctly. For example, you might say: “my favorite movie of all time is _____.” You can make this game last as long as you want, but it might be a good idea to make a general timeline and some rules before you get started, for example: each person can ask a question once per hour and must answer a question within 10 minutes. Ultimately, whoever gets the most correct answers at the end wins the prize. But before you begin this game, you guys need to agree upon the prize! You can either choose one prize (for example a fancy dinner paid for by the other person) or you can each choose a unique prize that you will get only if you are the winner. Either way, just ensure that you two are on the same page about what the prizes are! This game will help you get to know each other better and it will be competitive in a fun way!

5Create a Story Together

Why this is a great game to play with your boyfriend: This game is super fun and leads to hilarious results. Decide on the opening line to a story but leave the end blank. For example: “One day Kenny walked in the door to find ______.” Whoever starts the game needs to complete the sentence and add a new sentence with the last work left blank. Then the other person needs to do the same thing. This game is always better if you make an effort to make the story weird! Since you’re doing this over text, this is a great way to make a boring day a little bit more fun and at the end of the day you two can meet up and laugh about your creation together!


Why this is a great game to play with your boyfriend: Charades is a classic. This is a great way to spend some time with another couple (or multiple couples!) that you are friends with and have a lot of fun in a social situation where you don’t need to worry about people feeling like they are third-wheeling.

7Cards Against Humanity

Why this is a great game to play with your boyfriend: This card game is so fun and will make you laugh a lot harder than your average card game, we guarantee it! Some of the content on the cards can be a little raunchy or politically incorrect, so make sure that you play it with people who are able to let loose in the context of a game.

Playing games with your boyfriend is a great way to reconnect as a couple and have fun together. Even though the idea of playing a game with your boyfriend may feel childish or uncomfortable at first, keep an open mind because it is actually a great way to bond and is always more fun than it looks! And worse case scenario, if you and your guy both agree that playing games with each other is dumb, it’s still a good thing because you just found out that you two have another thing in common!

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Michelle is freelance writer and graphic designer based in California. In addition to her creative pursuits, Michelle enjoys following people’s pets on Instagram, accruing rewards points at Sephora, and dreaming of world travel.

Should I Text Him?

should i text him

Should I Text Him?

If you’re like most girls, you’ve definitely found yourself in at least one situation wondering whether or not you should text him! There is no perfect answer as to whether you should text him or not because it completely depends on the situation you find yourself in! There are a lot of scenarios in which a girl might find herself thinking about texting a guy, whether the guy is someone she is crushing on from afar, or her ex-boyfriend who she wants to rekindle things with. To help you out, we have compiled a list of our recommendations for common situations that prompt girls to ask themselves “should I text him?” or “Should I text him first” We know that deciding on your next move is important, so keep reading to find out the advice we have for you!

1Dating Situation #1: You went on a date and you definitely want to see him again.

Question: Is it okay to text him first?
Answer: Yes! If you went on a date with a guy and you think it went well and he seems like the kind of guy you’re looking for, there is no reason you shouldn’t text first! Having said that, there is also no reason to rush it. You don’t want to seem over-eager and clingy right away so try to wait at least a couple hours before sending a text (if he hasn’t texted you first!). Remember, just because you think it went well, doesn’t mean he felt chemistry with you. When you text him, put the ball in his court. Let him know you had a great time, but don’t pester him about when you will see each other next. Just convey that you enjoyed meeting him and that he should feel welcome to text you if he’d like to hang out again. Even though it might feel like he’s not interested if he doesn’t text you first, some guys are just shy and don’t want to put themselves out there to be rejected. Wouldn’t it be terrible if you both liked each other, but were too scared to text each other? If you’re not confused about wanting to see him again, then don’t make things ambiguous…just tell him you’d like to see him again! Don’t forget: the worst that can happen is that he doesn’t text you further and then you can be grateful that he didn’t lead you on or waste your time.

2Dating Situation #2: You went on a date and you aren’t sure that you want to see him again, but then he texts you wanting to hang out again.

Question: Should you text him back?
Answer: Yes, texting back is the polite thing to do, but what you say to him depends. Think about why you aren’t sure you want to see him again. Is it because you don’t find him attractive, but you also love his personality? Is it because you hate his personality, but think he’s cute? Or is it because you like him a lot, but you aren’t looking for a relationship and he is? If your issue is with his looks, keep in mind that things that seem unattractive at first can become endearing over time. If you loved hanging out with him, it doesn’t hurt to try another date or two. If you realize that you will never have physical chemistry, let him know gently as soon as you figure it out. Remember, it only counts as “leading him on” when you know that it’s not going to work and then continue to send mixed signals. Take the time you need to figure it out, but always be honest. On the other hand, if he’s hot, but has a horrible personality, our advice is to shut it down. Text him back to be polite, but be clear that you are uninterested in continuing further. Sure he’s cute, but the cute will be less important when you are consistently frustrated with his personality deficiencies. And remember, all guys are their best selves on the first date, so if you didn’t like him then, there’s no way it’s going to get better! Ultimately, even though it’s flattering someone is interested in you, you need to think about why you’re hesitant to move forward. If it’s for reasons like not being super attracted to them or because you’re scared of falling in love, text him back and try another date because these are not things that are wrong with them. But for “deal-breaker” reasons like lacking personality compatibility or being on different pages about what you’re looking for, it’s best to be very clear that you are not interested in moving forward. It might be hard at first, but it will save both of you a lot of pain in the future!

3Dating Situation #3: You have gone on quite a few dates with him and you like him a lot, but he hasn’t texted you back for a few days.

Question: Should you text him?
Answer: Most girls don’t want to hear this, but NO. This guy has more than likely “ghosted” which basically means he has decided he doesn’t want to pursue things and doesn’t possess the basic courtesy to let you know. Though some girls will want to keep texting him because “maybe something happened to him and he didn’t get my messages,” the reality is that continuing to text him will not do any good. Even if he for some reason didn’t get your messages, he would have figured out a way to get in touch with you if he wanted to. Texting him again after he hasn’t responded makes you look desperate and makes you stress over a guy who isn’t worth your time. If he eventually reaches out, decide what to make of his excuse. If he was just “stressed” or doesn’t bother apologizing, think about this: do you really want to be with a guy who doesn’t care about your feelings when it’s not convenient for him?

4Crushe Situation #1: There’s a guy that you have a crush on who you don’t know very well. He has your number, but hasn’t texted you.

Question: Should you text him first?
Answer: Maybe. It depends on how much space in your life you have for the nervous energy, questions, and self-doubts that always accompany initiating with a crush. And, of course, you should actually want a relationship, since it’s possible your crush could evolve into that! Having said that, the reality is that if he has your number, he has had the opportunity to text you and hasn’t done so. That doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t be interested, but it also means that he’s not so interested that he can’t stop himself from texting you. A good way to gauge his interest or get yourself on his radar would be to text him something casual. Unless you are super brave, you don’t need to ask him out right away. However, if you are okay with the possibility that the conversation will reveal he doesn’t seem interested, figure out a casual way to break the ice. Remember, even though it can be awesome if a crush turns into a boyfriend, there’s also something fun and exciting about keeping it to a crush.

5Crushe Situation #2: There’s a guy that you have a crush on who you don’t know very well. You have his number, but he doesn’t have yours.

Question: Should you text him first?
Answer: If he doesn’t have your number or a way to contact you, you can’t overanalyze why he hasn’t texted you! If you really want to get to know him more, it’s up to you to make the first move since you have his contact info! As with the last scenario, before you initiate with a crush, make sure you are emotionally prepared for either outcome, whether the case is that he is uninterested or the flip side: he wants to date you!

6Crushe Situation #3: You have a crush on your friend.

Question: Should you text him first?
Answer: The answer to this question totally depends on whether you want him to know you like him. Some girls ultimately want the guy friend they are crushing on to know about it because they suspect he may return her feelings. On the other hand, some girls believe that revealing their feelings would ruin the friendship and are very committed to keeping it a secret for eternity. If you want him to start thinking of romantic possibilities with you, the key is to start texting him in a more flirty way than normal. Even if he is used to you texting him first, you can up your game by being super responsive, by asking him random questions and striking up conversation even more often. Basically, you want him to notice that you are communicating differently because it will prompt him to wonder why you are acting differently. On the other hand, if you want him to know nothing about your feelings, the key is texting him how you’ve always texted him throughout your friendship. If you never text him first, fight the urge to text him constantly. If you tend to text him often, don’t stop texting him as you normally do even though the tactic of minimizing communication might seem like a good way to indicate that you “don’t like him.” If he notices you doing something different, especially texting less and not being responsive, he might assume that you don’t have a crush on him, but he also might think you are being rude or a lazy friend.

7Ex-Boyfriends Situation #1: Your ex-boyfriend texts you for the first time since your ugly breakup.

Question: Should you text him back?
Answer: Probably not. More often than not, ex-boyfriends get in touch with ex-girlfriends because they have found themselves single again and want to relive history. Even though it is easy to look back on the past with rose-colored glasses, there was a reason why you guys broke up in the first place, and there is a reason why it ended ugly. Oftentimes, there is too much pain with past relationships that end poorly and it tends to be easier on both parties if they stay in the past.

8Ex-Boyfriends Situation #2: You want to get back together with your ex-boyfriend, but he has a girlfriend.

Question: Should you text him?
Answer: Nope! There’s no good outcome by texting him if has a girlfriend. If he doesn’t text you back, you feel like a fool and selfish for trying to mess up an established relationship. If he does text you back, you are on a slippery slope of potentially ruining a relationship and it also says something bad about him. It might feel flattering if he flirts back with you, but why would you want to pursue something with someone who would behave like this while in a relationship?

9Ex-Boyfriends Situation #3: You want to get back together with your ex-boyfriend who is currently single. Things were great with you two and they only ended due to circumstances which have changed now.

Question: Should you text him?
Answer: Yes. Sometimes people who are meant to be meet at the wrong time in their lives. While it might not have worked in the first go, it can absolutely work in different circumstances if you two are compatible on a fundamental level. If you are sure that he is single, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch. You can’t automatically assume that he will want to get back with you, but he’s not a stranger so you two can probably at least share a meal together without any awkwardness, and see where things go from there!

As we said earlier, there is no definite answer to the question “Should I text him.” Having said that, deciding whether to text him is not as difficult as it seems when you take a few moments to consider your situation. Remember, at the end of the day, you need to do what is comfortable for you. For example, if sending that guy who ghosted on you another text makes you feel better, you should feel free to do it even though our advice recommends against this move. Ultimately, in matters of the heart, there is no single rule that can apply to all girls and you should text him if you think you will regret not texting him more than any of the possible negative outcomes of texting him. We hope you found this list helpful and remember: no matter how your texting experience goes, your worth is never determined by the status of your relationship with a guy!

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Michelle is freelance writer and graphic designer based in California. In addition to her creative pursuits, Michelle enjoys following people’s pets on Instagram, accruing rewards points at Sephora, and dreaming of world travel.

How to Text a Guy You Like

how to text a guy

How to Text a Guy

So there’s a guy you like, but what in the world should you text him about and how should you do it? You definitely want him to share the same feelings that you have for him, but you know you’re nervous and don’t want to say the wrong thing or approach it in the wrong way. Well, you’re in luck because we have some advice for you! We are going to start off with 4 general tips to keep your crush texting mindset strong and then move onto more specific tips about what to text him and how to get him to text you first.

General Tips

1Be Yourself

It can be tempting to try to talk to him in a way that makes you seem “cool” or to only talk about things that you think he would find interesting, but you should resist this temptation. While you should definitely be cognizant and respectful of his interests, remember that you are not trying to be just like him. People don’t need to have everything in common in order to be romantically compatible. If you seem to magically have everything in common with him, he may find it to be too much of a coincidence to be authentic or he may begin to think of you as one of the guys. In the long run, if he likes you when you’re pretending to be someone else, your relationship won’t go anywhere because you won’t be able to maintain (and you wouldn’t want to maintain) a false identity. Compatibility is about two people being a match without needing to force it. Just because he’s cute and you have a crush on him doesn’t mean he is actually right for you!

2Don’t Over-analyze, But Be Strategic

Although thinking about what you should say and analyzing his responses is a normal part of having a crush, crushes are supposed to be fun so you shouldn’t overanalyze things. You want him to like you for who you are, so you shouldn’t stress yourself out about setting rules for how long you have to wait before texting him back or worry about finding the “perfect” thing to say. The only way you can figure out if you’re a match is if you’re both true to yourselves so your gut instinct is usually a safe bet when it comes to texting. Having said that, there is a difference between overanalyzing and just being strategic. For example, if you’ve noticed that he doesn’t respond to your texts on Wednesday nights, it’s not “overanalyzing” to hold back on texting him during times when you know he won’t respond. Here’s another tip: try to think about how your texts to him would come across to you if you were on the receiving end. For example, does every one of your initiation texts use a formula about something “making you think of them?” Do you often ask questions that you clearly could have easily gotten the answer from someone closer to you? If you think about how thinly veiled these excuses to get in touch would look if someone sent them to you, you will probably realize that these opening lines aren’t as suave as you think they are. It’s a good idea to think about any patterns in texting that you are unconsciously using that may make you look desperate. Basically, just think about how you are texting him as if you were an outside observer. Be strategic, but don’t spend hours stressing over how to ask him how his day went.

3Find A Balance Between Enthusiasm and Patience

We touched on this point above, but do not set rules for yourself about “when” you are allowed to text him. Once you are texting with him consistently, you will need to find a balance about when to initiate and when to hold back. Even though you’re super eager to respond when you get his texts and want to keep the conversation constantly going, remember that this can make him feel pressured. You don’t need to intentionally ignore his texts for hours to seem “unavailable” but you also shouldn’t make it seem like you will drop everything you are doing just to text him, or give the impression that you expect him to do that for you. Even if he likes you to, he is not going to want to text you constantly and you could push him away if you are constantly assaulting him with communications.

4Stay Busy and Don’t Wait Around

This tip is not about “pretending to be busy” in order to make you seem more interesting to him. Instead, this piece of advice is about helping you to maintain your sanity since texting a crush can be nerve-wracking! Even though you like him, you still have a life and you shouldn’t put everything on pause. A trap that a lot of girls fall into is that they get super excited about a new crush and get very invested early and then if it doesn’t end up lasting long, it feels extra devastating because they put so much emotional energy into a texting routine. The bottom line is that it will work out or it won’t, and you make sure that you are prepared to handle either outcome.

What To Text Him

The key about finding the right thing to text him is keeping it fresh. It’s totally okay to text him classic ice-breakers like “I heard a song and it reminded me of you” or to ask him a question that you could have found the answer to by yourself. Just remember to mix up your tactics so that you don’t come across as needy or obvious!

5Ask him for his expertise on something he is passionate about

Guys love being helpful, especially when it’s about something they are passionate about. If you know he loves cars and you have a car question, he will be more than happy to help. Plus, he’ll be flattered that you remembered he loves cars.

6A link to a story you think he’d find interesting

You can add a little note asking for his thoughts on the topic as well. This is a great texting maneuver because it’s not corny or too obviously flirty, but it totally opens the door to conversation.
Give him a compliment: It’s no secret, people love compliments! Maybe he posted about an accomplishment on facebook, or you heard through the grapevine that he did something cool. Either way, this is a great way to put a smile on his face and present you in a positive light!

7Invite him to hang out

You don’t need to invite him on a date per se, and it can be in a group setting if you think that would be more comfortable. Although tradition holds that guys are supposed to make the first move, you don’t need to stick to this rule. If you want to hang out with him, you have the power to ask him. He may not want to, but there’s no reason not to try!

How To Get Him To Text You First

Although some girls feel totally comfortable making the first move when it comes to texting, it’s also totally normal to want him to make the first move first. Below are some tips to get him to text you first and take the reigns when it comes to initiating text conversations!

8Impress him when you hang out

If you make a great impression when you see each other in person, he’s probably going to want to see you again so he will be inspired to text you first

9Tell him that you never make the first move on a guy

Some guys don’t want to make the first move because they are afraid of rejection, but if he knows flat out that you will not make the first move, he will know that it’s up to him to get something going.

10Put effort into having interesting conversations over text

If he enjoys communicating with you, he will be inspired to get in touch with you. Try to elevate your texting game and demonstrate extra effort to talk about non-generic topics. If you make an impression with your texting, he will want to initiate.

11End conversations and say you look forward to chatting next

If you end the conversation with a reference to talking again soon, he will know that he has an invitation to text you. Although a lot of guys pretend to be confident, many are deterred from texting a girl first because they’re nervous about rejection. If you don’t want to initiate, but want him to text you first, you should strive to give him the impression that he won’t regret putting himself out there.

Texting with your crush can feel overwhelming and scary, but most of this pressure is self-inflicted. You may be tempted to over-analyze things, but remember that he is just a person! The worst thing that can happen is that he doesn’t like you back, and if that’s the case, he did you a favor because he helped you narrow down your search for the guy who is actually right for you!

30 Good Morning Quotes for Him

Good Morning Quotes for Him

Good Morning Quotes For Him

Are you looking for some cute good morning quotes for him? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place! When you have a special guy in your life, the best part about waking up is knowing that you are that much closer to talking to him or seeing him. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right words to say, so we’ve made a list of some suggestions to help inspire you. Whether you are looking for something deep and romantic, cute and lighthearted, or short and sweet, we’ve got you covered!

1You’re the reason I start everyday with a smile

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Aside from obviously loving that he hears from you first thing in the morning, he will appreciate this message for two reasons. First, he will love thinking about you smiling! Second, he will love knowing that he is the reason that you are smiling right now.

2I still get butterflies when I think of you

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Sometimes after two people have been together for a while, the spark can fade. Reminding him that he still excites you is an awesome way to brighten his morning!

3I didn’t know what love was until I met you

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This may be a tad deep and serious for a morning text, but if your guy appreciates romantic sentiments he will love this. Guys love knowing that they had a special impact on your life that no other guy has had, so he will be super flattered knowing that he is the only one you have ever loved.

4I used to hate mornings, but now I love them because waking up means I have more time to think about you

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: It’s no secret that mornings are tough and waking up from a deep slumber can be unpleasant. However, when you have a special guy in your life mornings are actually exciting! He will love hearing that he makes your day better, from start to finish.

5There is nothing like cuddling with someone you love

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This is a great way to let him know that he is on your mind. It will bring a smile to his face knowing that you are implying that you wish you were cuddling with him right now.

6I may not be your first anything, but I want to be your last everything

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Very few people go the distance with the person who was their first kiss, or first significant other. This quote is nice because it acknowledges that being the “first” is not super important and shows that you are committed to being his last kiss and everything else.

7You are my favorite

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This short and sweet good morning quote is a quick way to show him how much you value him!

8I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but being with you will never be one of them

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Even if you do your best to show him how much you love him, he may have insecurities about how committed you are to the relationship. This romantic quote will get his day off to a confident start!

9You prove that chivalry isn’t dead

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Obviously he wants you to think he’s funny and cute, but it is also important to him that you think he treats you right. Letting him know that he is special and a gentleman will make him feel awesome first thing in the morning!

10Having you in my life makes me feel like I can handle any obstacles that come my way

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Mornings are a time reflect on what the day will bring and it can be stressful thinking about your obligations. Letting him know that he brings confidence and peace to your life will make him feel happy and valued.

11You make me feel more alive than my morning coffee does

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This quote is light-hearted, but for serious coffee lovers, it is definitely profound!

12Can I keep you?

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: If you want a cute and short good morning quote, this is a good one to send him. It’s playful and definitely will make him smile as he wakes up!

13You’re my Prince Charming

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Sure fairytales aren’t real life, but he’s so awesome that he doesn’t seem real which makes this quote perfectly appropriate!

14I like you a lot

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This is a short and sweet message and is perfect for girls who don’t want to get all mushy, but who still want to send their guy a loving message!

15My day is starting off successful…I made it through a night without you!

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This quote is playful, but it is also sweet because it tells him that it is a struggle to not be with him always.

16You are the 8th wonder of the world

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This cute quote shows him that you think he is so awesome that he deserves to be recognized!

17You are the most confusing person I have ever met. I am confused as to how you can be so perfect!

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: If you want to mess with your guy’s head a little bit, you can try sending the first sentence alone and then send him the second part after. He will be super relieved and it will be cute to see how worried he gets about your first message!

18You stole my heart. I’d say give it back, but I decided that you should keep it

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: We love this cute good morning quote because it is playful, but super romantic at the same time. If mushier quotes don’t feel natural to you, a good morning quote like this is the perfect solution!

19Sometimes I will wake up and think you must be a dream. But then I remember that you are definitely real and I couldn’t be happier.


Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Even if he is a tough guy on the outside, he undoubtedly loves hearing how important he is to you. Knowing that you think of him so highly and that he brings you so much joy will start his day off on the right note.

20I will never stop having a crush on you

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Even if your relationship is well beyond the initial crush stage, it is important to let him know that you still find him exciting and that you don’t take him for granted.

21My jaw hurts because I have never smiled so much in my life since meeting you

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Of course, he doesn’t want you to be in pain, but there is no way he won’t be secretly pleased knowing your love for him is having a physical effect on you!

22I used to think the lyrics in love songs were corny, but now I know what they mean.

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: When you’re not in love, it’s easy to laugh at some of the lyrics in love songs. But, when you do have someone special, all of the mushy lyrics make sense! Odds are, he’s thinking the same thing about you too even if he is too shy to admit it.

23You are the only guy I have eyes for because you are the only guy who can see me for who I really am.

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This quote is great in two ways. First, it reminds him that he is the only guy you are interested in which boosts his confidence. Second, this quote makes him feel special because he knows he is the only one who has been able to get to know the real you.

24Even if things don’t go my way today, I know that everything will be fine since I have you!

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This good morning quote is very upbeat and positive, and it will make him smile knowing that he makes you feel confident and secure. Guys love knowing that they are helpful and a source of comfort, so this good morning quote is a great way to remind of that!

25I like you more than chocolate

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: Every guy wants to feel special, so hearing that you think he is more important than something you love will make him smile. Obviously, if you don’t like chocolate, you should substitute it for something he knows you love!

26You are inspiring

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This simple quote is touching and will get his day off to a great start. Even if you guys have a lot of fun together, one of the most important parts of a relationship is respecting and admiring each other for your qualities, so he will love to be told that you are inspired by him.

27Never forget how incredible you are. You can handle anything that comes your way today.

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This quote is perfect for days when you know he has something important to do. Whether he has a presentation or a job interview, knowing that you remembered and are rooting for him will make him feel amazing and give him the confidence he needs to bring his best effort.

28Good morning my love

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This is great for you if you want to keep it simple. You don’t need to get super mushy and romantic to put a smile on his face in the morning!

29I wish you could wake me up instead of my alarm clock

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: This is great to tell him if you prefer something light-hearted. He will think about the fact that you are thinking of him immediately when you wake up and it will make him

30You know a lot of things, but you will never know how much I love you

Why this is a cute good morning quote for him: You love him so much that it is probably impossible to find the words to express it and your feelings are probably so intense that you may feel like he can never understand how much you love him. Even though he probably knows how much you love him, it will warm his heart to read this sweet quote. This quote is cute because it starts a little bit playful and then gets very touchingly romantic at the end.

Waking up can be hard since your bed is so cozy and comfortable, but sending a cute good morning quote to him is a quick and easy way to brighten both your mornings! Remember, these are just suggestions to inspire you, so feel free to tweak any of our quotes in a way that feels right for you!

30 Romantic Text Messages

Romantic Text Messages

Sweet Romantic Text Messages

Are you looking for the perfect romantic text message for your special someone? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for 30 romantic text messages. Whether you need a few sweet messages for him, or romantic text messages for her, this list will give you some inspiration as you search for the perfect words to say!

1You mean the world to me


Why this is a romantic text message: This simple and sweet message is the perfect text to surprise your special someone with. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, randomly in the afternoon, or before bedtime, your person will feel very loved and appreciated when they receive this message from you.

2I have never met anyone like you before

Why this is a romantic text message: Everyone wants to feel like they are special or have had an impact on someone, so sending this message will definitely put a smile on your significant other’s face!

3You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me

Why this is a romantic text message: Happy and healthy relationships should add to your life, they shouldn’t detract. Even if you think they already know, it is always meaningful to let the person you care about know that they have made an amazing impact on your life!

4I can’t remember my life before I met you

Why this is a romantic text message: When you meet someone amazing, they come into your life and it feels like you can’t remember the person you were, or how you spent time, before they were in it. This is a very romantic sentiment to express to the person you are dating and sending this message via text is nice because they can always look back on this message from you if they are having a bad day!!

5If I had to choose my favorite thing about you I couldn’t. You’re too amazing to choose just one.

Why this is a romantic text message: This text message is a little bit corny, but it is so sweet nevertheless! If you want to be super romantic, you could send this text and then follow up with a few more texts describing all of the things you love about your special person!

6You’re the peanut butter to my jelly

Why this is a romantic text message: Romantic text messages don’t need to be sappy or dramatic in order to be sweet! Since everyone knows that peanut butter and jelly go together perfectly, this text message is an adorable way to communicate that you believe that this person is your perfect match!

7You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up, and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep

Why this is a romantic text message: Everyone knows that you think about the things that are most important to you right before you go to sleep and right when you wake up. This is a super romantic text message because it shows the person you love that they are the most important thing in your life and that you think about them always when you are apart!

8I want to be your last everything

Why this is a romantic text message: Very few people end up with the person who was their first love, or first kiss, or first crush. However, the most important thing is that you are their last everything. Sending this message shows that you don’t care about their past, but that you have every intention and desire to stick around for the future!

9I love you more than chocolate

Why this is a romantic text message: The point of this message is to communicate that you love them more than something that they know you love a lot. So if chocolate is not your thing, you can substitute it for something else. Either way, this sweet message is a lighthearted and romantic text that is sure to make your special person smile moments after you hit send!

10You’re simply the best

Why this is a romantic text message: You don’t need to send a lengthy message in order to communicate your feelings. Short and sweet, this romantic text message shows them that you admire them which is very important in happy relationships!

11I would do anything to be cuddling with you right now

Why this is a romantic text message: One of the best parts of having a special someone in your life is having someone to do cute things with, including cuddling! This sweet message is a romantic way to let them know you are thinking about them right now.

12No one is perfect, but you come pretty darn close

Why this is a romantic text message: Perfection doesn’t exist, but hearing that you’re almost perfect is super flattering! When you are with someone, it’s important to know that they love you for your flaws, so this message is a great way to show them that you love everything about them.

13You make me happier than anyone else

Why this is a romantic text message: It can be hard to find someone who you connect with on a deeper level, but once you find them, they make you feel happier than you knew you could feel. Even if admitting how much they mean to you makes you feel vulnerable, expressing how happy they make you is romantic and important.

14There are not enough words to describe how much I love you

Why this is a romantic text message: When you’re in love, it can be hard to figure out how to express your feelings adequately. Although you can try to use words, sometimes it’s not enough. Luckily, saying that you don’t have words to describe your feelings won’t suggest to your special person that you have a below average vocabulary! Instead, they will think this text message is extremely romantic and sweet.

15No matter how long we are together, you will always give me butterflies

Why this is a romantic text message: Although crushes are thrilling, sometimes the excitement can fade over time after you have known each other for a long time. Reminding them that they will always excite you is a great way to soothe and insecurities and show them how connected you feel to them!

16I wouldn’t change anything about you even if I could

Why this is a romantic text message: After people have been seeing each other for a while, sometimes there is a desire to change things about the other person. The best relationships happen when you accept each other fully and don’t want to change one another at all. You can encourage them to be their best selves, but trying to change them is controlling and not romantic. This text message, on the other hand, is romantic because it shows them how much you care about and respect them for who they are.

17You make me feel like it is okay to not be perfect

Why this is a romantic text message: Although you should always strive to be your best self, it is important to be with someone who doesn’t pressure you to never have bad days or be perfect. This is a romantic text message because it shows them that they make you feel comfortable and at ease with who you are.

18I knew I loved you way before I told you so

Why this is a romantic text message: This romantic text message is simple, but very sweet. Knowing that you loved them before you said anything will make them smile and reminisce about the early stages of your relationship!

19I have never believed in anyone as much as I believe in you

Why this is a romantic text message: Supporting the person you love is the cornerstone of any healthy and happy relationship. Relationships can’t be one-sided or just about what your significant other can do for you. It’s very romantic to express that you believe in them as an individual person, and not just as your partner.

20You are incredible and can do whatever you put your mind to

Why this is a romantic text message: This is a great romantic text message to send especially if your special someone has an important task to complete that they are nervous about!

21You’re hot

Why this is a romantic text message: Everyone loves a compliment! Even though you love them for more than their looks, it doesn’t hurt to remind them that you think they are hot!

22Being apart from you hurts

Why this is a romantic text message: When you love someone, they feel like a part of you. Even though they don’t want you to hurt, it will make them feel loved to know that you are very affected by their absence.

23I’ve got 99 problems, but you make me feel like I have none

Why this is a romantic text message: Romantic text messages don’t have to be super sappy to be sweet! This message makes an obvious reference to the iconic Jay-Z song “99 problems” and your special person will appreciate that you took the time to send a romantic text with a clever twist!

24You’re the one

Why this is a romantic text message: At the end of the day, relationships work when both people want a future together. This is a romantic text message because it shows that you believe they embody everything you want in your lifelong partner.

25Whether I am happy or sad, you’re the first person I want to call


Why this is a romantic text message: The person who loves you wants to know that you can come to them for anything. This text is a romantic way to show them that you trust them completely.

26I’m so excited to see what the future will bring for us

Why this is a romantic text message: This romantic message shows the person that you love that you plan to be there no matter what.

27You don’t know how amazing you are

Why this is a romantic text message: Self-doubt is something that everyone experiences, so this romantic text message is a great way to make the person you love feel confident!

28I’m lucky to have you in my life

Why this is a romantic text message: Although life can get busy, it is romantic (and important!) to let the person you love know that you don’t take them for granted and that you appreciate everything they bring to your life.

29You are my other half

Why this is a romantic text message: The best relationships happen when both people think that they have found the person who completes them. Sometimes you didn’t even know anything was missing from you life until you meet someone who shows you how incomplete you were before. This romantic text message is a short and sweet way to communicate how important they are to you and show them that you definitely envision a future together!

30I love you to the moon and back

Why this is a romantic text message: This text message is admittedly on the corny side. Having said that, there is no way your special person won’t smile when they see this. Basically, if you want to communicate that you love this person a whole lot, this is the perfect romantic text message to send!

There is nothing like checking your phone to see that you have a romantic text message from the person you love! Don’t forget: if you love receiving romantic text messages, so does the person you love! We know that finding the perfect words to say can be difficult, so we hope that this list helps you find the words you need to express your feelings. Remember, romance comes from the heart, so feel free to take any of these ideas and put your own personal touches on the message you send to your special person!

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